Monday, 15 September 2014

A New Saddle (Brooks)

Ok, so I have decided to invest in a Brooks Saddle, I like the imperial flyer however after some advice from "Steven" at Brooks I may just go for the standard flyer.

Well I went for the Brooks Imperial Flyer, knowing the problems I have with lower half paralysis :-)  I felt this was the best option.

Here's a few pics:

My old saddle!

Shiny New Saddle in the box
 Even the box has been carefully detailed to match the craftmanship of the saddle.
 From the moment you recieve the box, you can tell that this is a quality item.  If your used to feeling everything is mass manufactured that there is no art left in production then buy a Brooks saddle for a pleasant surprise. 

Side view

It's on the post!


Another View

Fortunately the saddle required very little adjustment to fit for me, raised the seat post a few inches as it was lower than my gel saddle and adjusted the angle correctly.   At this point I was a little worried, this saddle felt hard, it had some give but the logical side of me said this thing is going to hurt...

I took the saddle out for a 20 mile initial test, straight away it just felt right!  After 20 miles I was not sore and it felt as comfortable as my Gel Saddle???  Even more pleasing was there was no feeling of pressure in my nether regions something I really suffer with, what a pleasure.   I am going to keep riding to break it in Brooks estimate 300 to 500 miles and I will report back.   If it is as comfortable long term I will be investing in a second one for my other bike!!

I have just sent a request to see if I can visit the factory to buy one direct and perhaps get to sit on a few models!  I will update this post accordingly.  I am looking forward to this one!


I haven't managed to get out to the factory yet however I recently went on a ride to Synnerton then Stone in Staffordshire.   I hadn't realised the rails on my saddle weren't properly in the seat post.  This must have allowed the saddle to rise up.  The result was a certain point of my anatomy recieved undue pressure which I just wasn't aware of until I got off the bike to rid myself of some excess water.   The upshot was excruciating pain when water pressure tried to force it's way through a pipe with a knot in it.... very very painful.