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I thought a page showing videos of other people would be good, things I have found useful, amazing funny.


I came across this recently and I learned two three things from it: How to properly use the straps on my ortlieb; a great way to tie down my rack pack and an alternative to a front bar bag if you have a front rack:  The UNtour


BOOK - Slow Coast Home by Josie Dew  - Josie's 5000 mile cycle around the UK coast - Josie is a heavyweight tourer like me.

BOOK - One man and his bike by Mike Carter - a good book however it quickly became clear that he had a lot of things prepared which didn't tie up as the impression he gave about himself at the beginning of the book was at odds with this, which disapointed me.

BOOK - The Great Bike Ride: Around the World in 80 Days by Nick Sanders - I loved this book and it took me back..  Out of print now but available on amazon for 1p!!

22 Days Around the Coast of Britain- I liked this book but not as much as around the world in 80 days - Out of print but available on Amazon for 1p


Brads 2013 cycling tour   This is "SPINAL TAP" on a bike!  Watched with my friend Martin, all I can say is his wheels never touched the ground for his whole trip, really high on life lol, spoiler warning you will want to cycle across the desert after seeing this. 

Touring the UK  This guy loves everyone, touring with a different purpose well worth the watch nice to see someone just grateful to the planet and not afraid to say it.


This was how I repaired my boots:



And you thought catching one snake was tough....


What are you capable of?

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