Kit List

Kit List

I will list out my kit  here, so if your thinking of touring you can get an idea of what I carry.  I will also endeavor to come back after trips and list out any items that were unused or items i should have packed and didn't.  Also a thanks to the myriad of blogs/websites I looked out when considering my own kit list.

I should point out I am not an ultralight cyclist, theres a million blogs out there arguing between ultralight touring on a credit card to all out touring in the middle of nowhere fully laden.  I fall into the camp of cycle how you want, in the end it is really up to you.  If you enjoy going minimalist then thats great if you prefer going out fully loaded then do that.  However there is another option for you, why not enjoy both?

I have a chris boardman hybrid no suspension no pannier racks etc.. and I can take that out with minimal kit and enjoy a faster run if I want.  Otherwise it's my touring bike fully loaded where I can camp, cook use a laptop if I need to :-).

I guess what I am saying is that no one size fits every situation, maybe putting yourself into the camp of I am an ultralight cyclist etc.. just reduces your options.   That's why I don't get involved in the name calling "weight weenie" etc..

For those of you looking on at me in scorn, derision or laughter this may just be the page you are looking for, this guy is serious about touring light and doesn't spend a fortune I can really see the attraction:

One last comment, I have never been in a position I couldn't get myself out of, theres an old saying plan for the worst hope for the best!  I do wonder what an ultralight tourer would do miles from nowhere, suddenly going down with an illness, injury etc... me I would unpack my tent get my burner out put some food on and chillout :-)


My current bike started out life as a  Specialized Crosstrail  which I have upgraded only the original frame remains so my bike like my touring has been a bit of a journey. 

Suntour Nex Lite (Magnesium) forks with suspension lockout (upgraded from the originals)
BB butterfly handlebars to give me the maximum amount of different handgrips
Phat Tape (contains gell pads and makes the bars thicker and more comfortable for long rides).
Ergon 1 - Biokork grips
Extended headset with angle adjustment (the butterfly bars tend to put the brakes back a fair bit so you need an extended headset to push them back out again).

Saddle - Brooks Flyer Imperial (sprung version with comfort cutout)
Mudgaurds:  SKS Commuter customised using a spare set of circlip mounts from Avenir front pannier mounts so they fit to suspension forks and tight over the rear one


Ok I have just bought a pair of Koga Atalanta handlebars, I liked the extra width and the increased functionality they apear to offer, adjustability easier fit for bags etc.. so i decided to give them a go.  I will do an article on fitting them and post it here along with a review after a few rides.

Hopefully put in some nice pictures of how I have mounted my kit to them,

With the Atalanta, Koga is proud to present a new type of handlebar for trekking and touring bikes, developed especially for the requirements of high-mileage cyclists

Developed from the classic multi-position handlebar, thanks to its extra-wide design (63 cm) the Atalanta offers even more space for the hands. In addition, it can be adjusted for reach, offering the rider a choice between an upright or a more leaned-over riding position. Depending on the day’s itinerary, the distance to be covered and other environmental factors (long climbs, headwinds) you can position the handlebars to precisely match what the circumstances require.

The Atalanta provides plenty of space for a large handlebar bag, as well as a cycle computer or navigation device, and these can be fitted in just the right place to be seen easily by the rider. The attention to detail which you’d expect from Koga is demonstrated by the way that the handlebar bag is mounted high enough not to obstruct the front light. This new trekking handlebar can also be fitted to stems with non-opening clamps.



  • Weight: 329 grams (160mm rotor; front post mount)
  • Caliper: Design Mechanical, Forged 2-piece Aluminum
  • Finish: Graphite Grey
  • Rotor: G2 CleanSweep 160mm, 180mm, 200mm
  • Pad: Sintered
  • Adjustment: Dual Knob Pad Adjustment, Tri-Align Caliper Positioning


Groupset Components

  • It’s not only an extra gear…
  • It’s about closer gear ratios for a smoother shifting performance and improved power transfer
  • It’s about riding optimized gear combinations that improve efficiency and durability
  • It’s all about performance: Dyna-Sys offers a more stable drivetrain for any type of rider!


  • XT Crankset 10-speed FC-M780 black
  • 42-32-24 teeth
  • Steel/carbon composite middle chain ring for great durability
  • SM-BB70 Hollowtech II
  • 175mm


Shimano A530 Road Pedals

Original Shimano parts guarantees that all components work perfectly for optimum performance and maximum safety and longevity.


  • Ideal pedal for recreational riders who commute and tour
  • Combines SPD mechanism on one side and a concave stable platform pedal body on the other, you can ride with cleats or normal shoes
  • Serviceable cup and cone bearings add to long life of the pedals
  • Adjustable cleat tension means you can start off with loose tension for extra easy engagement and release, and turn up the tension as you progress

Rear Deailleur:

  • XT Rear Derailleur Shadow RD-M781 SGS black
  • Total capacity 43T (SGS)
  • Pulleys with sealed bearings

Front Derailleur:

  • XT Front Derailleur FD-M780 Top Swing Front Mech Unisize (28.6mm/31.8mm/34.9mm)

Gear Shifters:

  • XT Gear Shifters Set Rapidfire SL-M780 3x10 Speed
  • Two Way Release, Multi Release
  • Removable Optical Gear Display


  • CS-M771-10 Speed
  • 11.36t
  • Two spiders with 3 sprockets each
  • Alloy lock ring


  • CN-HG54 HG-X 10-speed chain 114 Links
  • Directional chain for optimized shifting performance
  • Right side optimized for perfect front shifting at the chain rings
  • Left side optimized for perfect rear shifting at the sprockets
  • Excellent mud shedding thanks to the special outer link plate design
  • Zinc-alloy plated
  • Not compatible with 10-speed road chains


My wheels were built by Chain Reaction cycles, however I am to be honest disapointed with the companys attitude.  After speaking to their tech team on the phone many times and by email I wanted shimano centrelock discs,  I even went out and purchased my front dynamo hub as centrelock compatible and sent it too them.

I filled in the shopping list they specified and when the wheels turned up the discs weren't mounted because the rear hub they specified was 6 bolt mount...  After speaking to the tech team they offered me a free 6 bolt shimano disc.

I am not very happy with that, some people may say what's the problem however if you take the step of having some wheels built you expect them to be what you want not a mash up of different fittings.  I have complained to customer services  and asked  requested they have the rear wheel back and replace the hub.   The response I got was "we don't stock a 36 spoke shimano centrelock rear hub" for an online retailer selling parts that's fairly pathetic....

It took me 5 min online to find one and I offered to buy it and send that back with the wheel, they have now asked who asked me for my email addresses so they could review all corresponence I am awaiting a response.

You would have thought that whoever was doing their wheel building would have noticed that they had two centrelock discs and a centrelock front hub but 6 bolt rear... Somehow I get the feeling they are going to say this is my fault for clicking on the part numbers their tech guy provided.  We will wait and see.

This is a shame really because otherwise this would have been a good experience.

Shimano SLX RT68 Ice-Tech Centre Lock Disc Rotor 180mm and 160mm

Mavic TN719 29er MTB Disc Rim

Shimano XT Disc Hub Rear M756A Black, 36h  (current hopefully changed)

Front Hub SHIMANO Deore XT DH-T785-1D Disc hub dynamo

Spokes DT Swiss Silver, Competition - Double Butted


AXA Slim Steady dynamo back light

AXA Luxx 70 Steady Auto front light


Biologic Reecharge USB Recharger


 Biologic ReeCharge Dynamo Kit with Micro USB Cable

5 LED 2 Laser Beams Intelligent Bike Logo Safety Rear Tail Light



Tigra Bike Console Powerplus

  • built-in micro-USB connector module
  • form-fitting weatherproof battery pack that can be securely attached at the back of the BikeConsole housing
  • Battery capacity: 2800mAh (enough to double phone's battery burn time)
  • Input: DC 5V max. 1A input through 2.5mm DC jack from compatible power sources 
  • Output: DC 5V max. 1A output through integrated micro USB connector for charging smartphone to double burn time
  • micro USB output port for charging other devices (micro USB to USB female cable included)
  • Can charge and discharge simultaneously



I don't believe in leaving my bike locked outside a shop, I never leave it in fact.  However I have been known to park my bike by a shop door and step inside to ask for something while keeping the bike near and in sight.  After reading someone elses blog I decided a small mini cable lock would help and then I saw a mini bike alarm with remote so I added that.  It also means when I am in my tent asleep I don't worry someone is walking off with my bike, it's tied to the tent and has a motion alarm.

 Kryptonite R2 Retractable Pocket Combo Lock.  Lightweight backpocket lock. Ideal for Cafe Stops.


 Anti-theft Lock Bicycle Bike Touch Vibration Alarm Wireless Remote Control


Rear: Ortlieb Classic - with ortlieb water bottle adapters fitted
Front: Ortlieb front roller
Rear Top:  Ortlieb Rack Pack Orange 
Handlebar:  Ortlieb Ultimate 6 Pro M
Rack Pack Orange
Globetrotter Custom From

When I fist got the rack pack I thought I had made a mistake, the pack seemed way to big, however
it is perfect for storing my tent, sleeping bag and sleeping mat etc..   If you have ever tried to repack a suitcase after a holiday you will apreciate that having more room makes things a lot easier, especially on a cold morning after camping.  With great compression straps you can then just tighten it all up and your off.

Ortlieb Back Roller Classic

Ortlieb Front Roller
Theres not much that can be said about ortlieb kit that I can add waterproof, hardwearing and reliable I have no complaints and I am sure they will be with me for years.

The only things that I have added to my panniers are the ortlieb water bottle holders below, when they arrive they look flimsy and I was reluctant to fit, however trust me they are just as hardwearing and a perfect solution for 2 extra water bottles, a lot better solution than my original custom water bottle mounts!

Ortlieb Water bottle Adapter
Ortlieb Water Bottle Holder

My handlebar bag is the ortlieb ultimate 6 pro it is very lightweight and tough, however I am not that sold on having the seethrough top, to be honest I wish I had bought a model without.  It is a little awkward to set up the inner compartments but once the were set it has been great.  The magnetic closing and waterproof construction make this a much better bag than my previous ones.

Ortlieb Extension Adapter

Ortlieb Ultimate 6 Pro
In case you were wondering this is how to set up the
interior, surprisingly plenty of room.

Front Rack:  Zefal Raider:

Better read the instruction so I don't
fit the dog.

Rear Rack:

Tor Tec Expedition Alloy Rear Cycle Rack

Tools and Equipment:

two packs of puncture blisters
Spare innertube (not slime filled learned my lesson basically useless)
spare universal chain links
spare 10 speed chain pins
Multi tool with spoke key and chain tool built in
Super Glue,
Electrical Tape
presta to schrader converter - allows you to use foot pumps and garages to inflate your  presta valves.
The pump is a Topeak Road Road Morph, if you have pumped up a tyre with a mini pump you will know it's hard to get the pressure and it's just plain hard work this pump is about 2/3 of a full stand pump, it makes light work of your innertube and worth every penny and the slight weight increase.


Coleman Peak 1 Tins used for boiling water and cooking

MSR Whisperlite stove & Accessories
1 x MSR aluminimum ground plate for stove
1 x MSR aluminium heatshield for stove
Solo One Biomass Stove
1 x sharp pairing knife

2 x green scouring pads
Waterproof matches

1 x mini chop board
1 x titanium knife, fork, spoon

1 x titanium cup


Tent:  Robens Starlight 1 man tent (I also have some very light single skin tents for summer only)
Sleeping Bag: Varies between light use and a four season down bag
Sleeping Mat:  Vango Lite
Pillow:  I like to use one of my pannier bags filled with clothes usually so tired it feels really comfortable.


Garmin Touring Plus
Garmin Virb Elite
Mobile Computer - undecided yet (ultrathin good battery win 8 with usb ports) any ideas?
1 x External Batteries
Phone - Samsung Galaxy S5
Camera "Various"
Biologic Reecharge + Dynamo Kit

Electronic Bike Horn:  I used to ride my bike without a bell and simply shout good morning or excuse me, I would get muttered complaints that I should have a bell etc.. So I fitted a bell and began ringing that, I was amazed that people would just ignore it and simply not move out of the way until I had come to a halt behind them and then raised my voice..  Not everyone but enough people would just ignore you to make it irritating so I fitted a 120db bike horn.. people move out of the way now and I have also found that the occasionaly aggressive dog responds well usually in the opposite direction.


Shimano MT71 MTB SPD Shoes 2015



  • Trail and adventure off-road SPD shoe with Gore-Tex upper
  • Weatherproof Gore-Tex liner helps keeps the elements out, yet still allows the foot to breath to improve comfort
  • Complete seam-sealed construction for optimal weather protection
  • Grippy, durable and light weight Vibram sole with recessed cleat design enables easy walking with excellent traction off the bike
  • Gusseted tongue helps to prevent water, dust, gravel, and other foreign objects from getting inside the shoe
  • Strap and Lace up closure system for a snug and comfortable fit
  • Reflective detailing on the heel help keep you more visible in low light conditions
  • Weight: 952 g for a pair of size 40 

Surprisingly light, but they have been through some really wet weather and muddy conditions excellent par of shoes and they are easy to walk in you forget you have cleats on!

Lake I/O Mens SPD Sandal Black

  • Waterproof Split Leather & Rock Rubber Toe Guard
  • Foot Locking Lace System
  • Lightweight Vibram, SPD Sole With Non-Marking Rubber Bottom

    After a lot of searching these were the model I wanted, I wasn't overly impressed with the shimano shoes having tried a pair in a shop.  These aren't cheap but the main problem was finding a pair for sale in my size in the UK or anywhere to be honest.  I had more or less given up when I accidentally activated one of my original searches in google and amazingly Rutland Cycles had them in my size...  Now the recommended price is around £85.00 but they were on sale for £29.00  I bought a pair and from the moment I put them on I fell in love.  Comfortable well built... I am just waiting for the summer to try them out!

Shopping List:

Here's some of the things on my shopping list as and when.

surly nice front rack?
Treelock ls 950 (backup light)

Some Ideas:


Looking for a steel rack:

Front:  Surly Nice Rack
Rear:  Tubus?

some amazing kit:

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