Thursday, 27 August 2015

To be continued

Due to unforseen circumstances I have been recalled to work, I am saddened but I will return and do the trip from scratch again (that's a great excuse to meet up with people again).  

I am sad about returning, but it has been a great adventure and challenge thus far even if only half way round.  I will return :-)  Thankyou for everyones help, I am sorry if some people feel let down but I will finish this trip!

Day 32 - 16th August - Drogheda to Dublin

Gerrys Kitchen

Getting ready to ride out for breakfast and back to Drogheda

One of lifes great characters and a loveable rogue (Gerry)

A strange sight in the distance

Road Bowling!!!  involves rolling a cannoball for miles along roads


refused to let me pay for my apple, peach and banana!

A newt - its a sign a good omen to be sure!

quick stop to replace a broken camera mount and
put some more air in my tyres
Jimmy is a lovely lad who could not do enough to help!
maybe his attitude had a lot to do with the steady stream of customers!

Google Headquarters in Dublin

Hundreds of bikes everywhere!

Day 31 - 15th August - BallyHoornan acutally analong to Drogheda


Pats Living Room

View from Pat's top floor

A great poster to see me off!

The Man himself Pat

The Coastline outside Pat's house

The Mournes


I met a few policemen all really helpful!

One I shot earlier (no meat on it though)


Perhaps my warmest memory of Ireland
Hosted by Gerry on the Left and treated like a long
lost friend by the locals

A shandy to start and guiness to follow!

Random Strangers and Friends of Gerry all night long
wishing me well and offering me drinks!