Coastal Trip Planning

This is basically where I am going to write down thoughts ideas etc...

Ideas for some challenges on the way round:

1. Blag a free nights stay in a castle!
2. Get a kiss from a Scottish Lass - This was a dare from my Jogle I never completed
3.Cycle Nude on a nudist beach (planned for Brighton)
4.Climb Ben Nevis:
5. Dive from a cliff

Where To Start?

Every journey begins with a small step or pedal or even a role downhill!!  One of the advantages of living in the West Midlands is I am fairly smack bang in the middle of the country which is usually a bonus because I can reach most parts of the country without an incredibly long haul.

In the case of this trip it is not so good, I feel like I am in the middle of a clock face with all the points looking just as good!

I have two choices, one think this out logically or throw some darts at a UK map...  Well I tried the darts thing and I discovered a serious drawback!  I am no good at darts, if I followed the darts method I would be starting off on the west coast of Ireland or somewhere in the Atlantic.

The only choice I have now is to try and think this through...  It may be quicker to practice my darts.

Looking at the time of year I intend to travel the weather should be pretty good, however I would rather approach Scotland in the good weather as tradition has it (backed up by some googling) that the bad weather hits there first, so best use the good days in Scotland.

Checking the stats, it appears that the West Coast is traditionally milder, not surprising thanks to the North Atlantic and the Gulf Stream (Please don't stop the Gulf Stream as I have seen what happens in the movies).  So I will be looking to start somewhere on the East Coast more towards the North.   That narrows my starting point nicely.

The next consideration for me is the nearest train station, I am going to be cycling far enough without adding extra miles so a train station close to the coast will be fit the bill.

Eventually I have settled on Kings Lynne near the wash as my starting point, I have cycled to here before so I have some idea of the area.

Do I take on some islands?

I would love to visit some islands on the way round, however this trip is long enough and from experience I know what little Jaunts can add to a trip.  So I have decided the following, I am going to list the islands I would like to take a look at and then I am going to EARN them.   If I can put sufficient miles in the bank I can earn an island trip :-)  I also have some rest days planned in so if I am fortuitously near an island I can choose to rest over on one.

The Route:

The route is now planned and on a separate tab on this blog, they say no plan survives the battle I expect some mishaps and distractions but I have a good idea where I am going so as long as I keep the sea on my right when in the UK and the left when in Ireland I really can't go wrong.


So far I have about 20 or so days with generous people from warmshowers and a few nights planned in B&B's etc.. and the rest will be camping/wild camping.

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