Sunday, 10 August 2014

Sami's First Mountain - Crib Goch - Snowdon

A little bit of a last moment thing, Sami had been asking to traverse Crib Goch so we travelled down to Snowdonia.  We left on Friday night running a bit late we arrived about 11:30 and camped out in the Pen-Y-Fan car park, our route was to be: Penn-Y-Fan to Crib Goch to Snowdon - Pyg Track - Pen-Y-Fan.

Sami had never climbed a mountain let alone a traverse a ridge like Crib Goch, he was really excited and to be honest although I have climbed Crib Goch so many times I have forgotton exactly how many, his enthusiasm was infectious.  

Sami beamin we had just arrived

Ok whats next

Boiling water for an evening cuppa!

Shameless Selfie

This tent you have lent me... it's a little small

Porride for breakfast and one of Sami's special teas

To celebrate I bought Sami his first Kendal's Mint Cake!

Starting Out around 6:15

The peak in the distance is the start of Crib Goch, the weather was warm but you could see high up was not so good, Crib Goch was covered in fog.   We traveled along the Pyg Track and took the right turn over the stile for the path that leads to the ascent up to Crib Goch.

looking back on the ascent to Crib-Goch

Even the worst photographer can take great pictures when Snowdonia is
your subject.

Typical Snowdonia weather sun and fog together

Sami Ascending and still in high spirits.
The fog was now closing in on us

Traversing Crib Goch in the fog

It looks easy, but when theres big drops involved you don't
mess about!

Time for a breather

Hmm Foggy again

Almost off Crib Goch
 I explained to Sami early on that Cairn's were there to help climbers follow the correct route and in the fog give you a welcome confirmation your on the right path!.

The Trig Point at the end of Crib Goch

The Snowdon Summit

I had told Sami about the Cafe at the top of Snowdon and the railway, I don't think he quite believed me and assumed I was telling him tales just to bribe hi to the top!

The Descent down the Pyg Track

My last photo of the day!
The last part of the descent was a slog, with the mountain behind Sami had done fantastic for someone who had never climbed or walked this far in his life.  It was a great adventure and a real privelage to take someone on their first climb!  I get the feeling that he has got the bug so we may see him on Tryfan next!

It was a tiring journey home, we pulled over and had to sleep in the car for an hour because we were both too tired to drive, we had both only got 3.4 to 4 hrs sleep on Friday night and I am sure that Sami got home and slept like a log as I did!

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