Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Specialized Warranty

I thought it only fair to mention my recent experience with the Customer Services Team at Specialized UK & Worcester Cycles.

Essentially I was out on a ride from Birmingham to Stone in Staffordshire, I  had bought a new sleeping bag and decided it would be a good ride to go pick it up and camp out then cycle back the next day, however all didn't go to plan!

I like to listen to music on my trip and wasn't aware of a noise emanating from my front wheel, by the time i had stopped listening to music my front wheel was making a fairly horrible noise.  I examined the wheel and whilst there seemed no play in it, it didn't seem to run smoothly. 

I had recently serviced the front wheel and noticed there was a slight line of wear on the cups but nothing to worry about, however now I was worried.

I still had a few miles to go, it was getting dark and I had no choice but to push on which i did unhappily as i imagined my front wheel disintegrating as I went along!

I returned home and stripped down the wheel, the grease was still good and the new bearings I had put in were fine but the cup had a deep wear line in and pitted...  this was unusual as it would mean a hub replacement after only 14 months!

I contacted Worcester Cycles who I had purchased the bike of about 14 or so months ago and when I spoke to them I was told they doubted Specialized would warranty it because it would be normal wear and tear but they were more than happy to deal with it as a warranyt issue.  What was even nicer was they said Worcester Cycles would do a replacement hub for me very cheaply or as near to cost as possible if the warranty didn't work out which I also felt was generous..  I said that I would speak to specialized customer service directly first as I couldn't see it as normal wear and tear on a 14 month old bike which had 2 yr parts warranty??? Worcester Cycles were more than happy for me to do this, and as always helpful and pleasant.

The gentleman at Specialized asked me to take my wheels into Worcester and give his name to them and telephone number so they could be examined and photographed and he also said as long as it wasn't deliberate damager or negiligence they would sort it out, let me be clear he wasn't accusing me of anything and I agree totally they have to check for themselves.

Well I rang 2 days later to be told Specialized had agreed to repair my wheel which was wonderful news and a great outcome.  I then rang again two days later (I am impatient I am 100 percent sure Worcester Cycles would have contacted me).  What I was told then was more of a shock, the lady who was now dealing with my bike said your "NEW" wheels are now ready, I asked what do you mean new wheels?  I only had a faulty front hub, she explained to me that specialized had told them to order me a brand new set of wheels!!

I turned up and yes indeed they had new wheels for me, with my cassette and tyres all transferred from the old ones onto the new.  What's more instead of the wheels that came with my bike originally they had been upgraded to shimano rims and Shimano Deore Hubs instead of the Hi/Lo cones that Specialized supply.

The whole warranty process and replacement had taken probably a week in total, how is that for amazing service from Worcester Cycles and Specialized.

All I can say is that I recieved a more than fair service from both Worcester Cycles and Specialized.  One of the things I have always said regarding suppliers in my workplace is that the real measure of their worth is not in what when or how they supply things, the real measure is how they behave when things go wrong so from my perspective Worcester Cycles and Specialized both score extreemely well!

Incidentally, I have bought 3 bikes in total from Worcester Cycles and they have always been great so if your looking for a good bike shop, they have a range in store and more via catalogue etc..  


P.S. They are in the process of upgrading their website

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