Thursday, 3 November 2016

Lightweight Tarp

I have been thinking about summer camping and lightening the load for a while, I like a larger tent being such a small guy :-)  I have used tarps before but big ones designed for a few to sleep under so decided to give solo tarps a go.

I wanted something lightweight, easy to pitch, more importantly I wanted something that didn't need several trees to pitch up.  I looked for something that I could pitch with only one high level guide rope and then tent pegs.

Here's my first try, it's the Ulti mate Survival Technologies Base All Weather Tarp - Orange, 6 x 8 Footwith the optional bug protector.

One point pitching and a
single tent groundsheet.
Large area underneath for keeping kit dry

With the number of anchor points I can't imagine ever
struggling to find an apropriate pitch.

I spent a rainy night out in this and stayed dry, with a 3 season bag it was perfect.  I would say that under heavy winds and rain, I would need to pitch tighter to the ground to stop my sleeping bag getting wet.

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