Sunday, 23 April 2017

Ortlieb Ultimate 6 Pro E Handlebar Bag + RAV Power + E-WERK ultimate touring power setup??

Short Review

I have had this bag for about 3 months now, it has been out in all weathers day and night and it doesn't show any sign of issues.


I already have the ortlieb 6 bag but bought this one so that I could simplify my bike setup.  I know store my Busch & Mueller e-werk in the bag connected to a massive 26000Mah battery that allows you to charge and discharge at the same time.

What this means is that in the last 3 months of using it I have been able to run

1. Bike Sat Nav (Garmin Edge Touring Plus), 
2.  Action camera (Garmin Virb XE)
3. Touring tablet (Android) 
4. Phone (samsung galaxy)
5. Front light (Trelok 950) USB rechargeable (low power is still bright gives 47hrs high power = 7hrs) - also precharged before I leave
6 Rear Light (USB)
7. My mate occasionally cadging a free charge

all kept fully charged.  

I charged the battery up once before when I fitted it to the bike and last I checked it was still showing a full charge thanks to being constantly charged whilst I am cycling.

I mentioned this on the forums and had some biteback about loss of effort due to storing in a battery etc.. then charging the onboard batteries of the devices.  However, I pointed out "this is a 26000Mah" battery pre charged so way more than I am losing with the setup.

For it's size it is very light, with a single power input and 3 x outputs all capable of 2.1a I don't need to worry about being caught short on power.

Keeping the battery and the E-werk in the bag means I don't get rusty connectors, the battery is protected from the elements along with the e-werk. 

I only have one cable going to the dynamo from the mount, no more running a cable to the front light (switched to usb charged) which I prefer and during a long tour far easier to get a replacement light I would imagine and less fettling trying to rewire one (imho)

If I need to charge the Sat Nav or camera during the day I connect a cable and run it into the bag simple!

All in all I can't imagine a better setup for myself - and for long tours it is excellent.

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