Thursday, 22 May 2014

Fork Upgrade

One of the things I learned on my last trip was the amount of energy I wasted on Roads and uphill because of my suspension forks, however there were plenty of times when that suspension was a godsend going on the bumpy stuff.

I had pretty much decided from the JOGLE that I would upgrade to some lockable suspension forks, with that in mind I did some research.   Now upgrading from one fork to another can be a bit of a minefield and i couldn't get much sense from anyone!!!

I soon figured that the suspension fork on my bine was pretty low end for Suntour and not upgradeable in any way.

Rescue came in the shape of Benjamin Rees, who works for Suntor in Tech support, I am waiting to see if he minds me putting his contact details up.  My bike wheels are 700c with disc brakes which narrows down my options forkwise, but Benjamin gave me clear advice on which models would sort me out.

Now as you have seen I am a fan of fleabay and if i can save some cash I will, in this case a quick search came back with someone who had removed a set of forks with lockable suspension that were barely used that would also fit my bike!!  IT WAS FATE

I was shocked when I won them for £20  and £10 p&p.   I had managed to get hold of a set of Suntour NCX Lite magnesium with speedlock that gave me the lockout facility and they were magnesium a lot lighter than my current forks.

A word on "light" components, I am a fairly heavy guy so the savings on the fork weight wouldn't be that much in the great scheeme of things but it was still a saving!

It is torrential rain at the moment but im going to take my bike out for a quick spin to see how the new forks feel.

My next post will be how i got on stripping off my old forks and fitting my new forks also how I find the bike feels without the suspension locked etc..

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