Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Next Trip

I have been trying to think of my next trip, well I think I have a plan.  Unfortunately i won't be able to get the time off work to do it in one go, so I am going to do it in sections.

In case your wondering, I have decided to cycle the entire coastline of britain... yep that's my plan.

I will start posting my ideas, etc.. if you have any words of wisdom or ideas let me know.  I am looking for a second hand bike to train on as my plan is to save my JOGLE bike for the trip.  I have made some more adjustments to it and will list them here shortly.


  1. Hey Newt its Tony from the Cycle tour fest, you must have got up pretty early yesterday morning! I left by 10 oclock as I thought I'd learned enough, I like your Blog some interesting stuff here, I look forward to keeping up with your trip around Britain


    1. Hi tony,

      didn't get your email before I left, I got up and packed really early I am always up by 5:30 am! message me as