Friday, 20 June 2014

Birmingham to Kings Lynne

The weekend is here and I am off on my next trip.  I have bought some new panniers, Ortlieb front and rear rollers (classic).  Just amused myself as I realise they are probably called rollers because of the roll top!

the plan is to cycle to from Birmingham to Kings Lynne which willl mean a lot of hours in the saddle, sleep over Saturday and then return on Sunday for my Birthday.  The trip will be about 130 to 140 miles which is a fair bit more than I am used to, however I felt like stretching myself and seeing what my endurance is like, I expect to be exhausted.

I have also just fitted a new Schwalbe Marathon plus on the back, since swithing to these I have had almost no punctures so I won't be swapping back soon!!  Thanks yet again to Halfords for reserving my tyres only to find that when I arrive to pick them up they don't have them (getting tired of this at halfords).  I managed to find one local so the day was saved.  Word of warning though, they are pricey tyres however if you shop around you will be amazed at the price difference, I have found + or - £10.00.  As it was I paid £35.00 for a tyre, if I had more time I have seen the same tyre at £25.00 and even seen them for £42.00  (the price of a cheap car tyre lol)

as usual I will update this post with pics and reports on the way,  I haven't really visited the east coast so looking forward to it, the Wash is supposed to be beautiful so here we go.


I managed 132 miles, never made it to Kings Lynne on Saturday, I stayed over in Crowland.  I had covered 132 miles in total so it was a personal best.  At one point I was going completely off course, my sat nav using co-pilot seemed to be taking me constantly out of the way.  In the end I had to switch it to car mode to get a more sensible route, with the additions it left me very late in the day.

On the upside I managed a fast cycle in the morning from Crowland into Kings Lynne station 30 miles so very happy.

Heres some pictures below:

I rememberd to take some photos this one caught my eye you don't often see a blacksmiths.

A windmill pub,

This lovely couple invited me in to fill my water bottles, gave me coffee and biscuits and a rest!

There were a few of these railway crossings
this one was painted really beautifully

A falconry centre/sanctuary

Stop with my only puncture of the day

Kind Lady
On my stay over at the Crowland Hotel, I experienced a massive muscle spasm in my leg, never had one like that before very painful but some rubbing and a shower later no after effects.

The Abbey Hotel very bike friendly and accomodating!  Lovely staff and they do a good breakfast! I was treated to a free blues concert for charity so a nice way to relax before bed.

The Abbey Hotel - Crowland

Al pacas again (seen a few in the uk now)

Another bridge

cycling past a 4 mile tailback, some of the drivers here
flew past me earlier :-)

Into Kings Lynn

The Journey home with my travelling buddy

June 22nd and home for my Birthday meal

Blowing out my candles

The Cake and then bed

I have some more to add but it's late, im tired and I have overfed lol,  A73 reckons this was the most tiring ride yet......

Approx Route:  google map of aprox route

Kings Lynne Train Station
Blackfriars Road
King's Lynn
PE30 1NX

Kings Lynne YHA

College Lane, Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE30 1JB
Tel (01553) 772 461


  1. Happy Birthday!

    Hope you got to King's Lynn okay last night. Here's some pics of your Oakham Pepsi Stop:

    Regards, CHris

  2. Hi Chris,

    thanks for sending! Was a lovely day!