Sunday, 29 June 2014

Walking the Mawddach Trail

Yep you read it right, I walked this one!  I recently changed jobs and invited some workmates and friends to join me walking the Mawddach trail to Barmouth.  This trail is about 20 miles there and back, with some lovely scenery, it is extreemely flat but has the opportunity to see some great wildlife and you couldn't ask for a better half way stop than Barmouth.

As always here are the Pictures:

L/R Mathew, Jordie & Duane
Evening Meal Time

Vic Unpacking

Khyle in good spirits

Jordie toasting marshmellows

Mathew relaxing and drinking coffee

Pete trying his hand at marshmellows

Khyle on marshmellow duty

traveling up

Vic being told he is on piggy back duty (deliverance style)

The bridge into Dolgellau

Dolgellau Car Park
do not park here, go to the bottom left hand side towards
the cricket ground and there is a long stay car park for half the price
funnily enough the signs for it are only in welsh... but this carpark has
English signs...

Group Photo

A minature Stone henge??

Testing out the Bridge... Mathew first in case there's

Nope no trolls here

Troll taking a selfie :-)

On the trail, Jordie convinced it will rain

Some ducks by the old railway station

Nearly mugged by a duck wanting food

the trail following the old railway

Seriously this one goes on and on

some tree shots

The Estuary aproaches with the bridge over to Barmouth
in the distance

Khyle with his I want to climb everything attitude :-)

Are we there yet

The bridge at last says Khyle!

Jordie "ok so it's not going to pour down, I will take my hat off"

Arriving in Barmouth

shot across the estuary

what are you doing down there newt?

Footprints in the sand (who is carrying who today lord)

Vic Action Pose

Duane Action Pose
(or he stepped in something)

Mathew "I have found another troll free path"

We have no clue what these were for

The end of my photos, awaiting some from the others

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