Saturday, 15 August 2015

Day 30 - Belfast to Annalong (not quite)

leaving clements
getting out of belfast quite hard - roads are very busy
belfast reminds me of home/birmingham
cycling along coast to ferry
raining in ferry wondering if better to stay here
crossed ferry
raining but winding my way down the oast
saw some other cyclists straight on the A2 but i followed the xoast.
asked a guy where a good place t9o camp is and he said stay with him
beautiful house
met daugher
lost his wife his name was pat
jacuzzi bath
sorted out kit
steak for dinner
Clement Lebaras - looks and sounds like a frenchman, and he is!
an awesome guy so friendly and a great sense of humour (he laughs at
my jokes)

Au revoir my friend

back out into belfast - weather looks good to me whoopee!

Premature photo I don't know what I was looking at

Seeing this in Belfast was very poignant

A slight detour to see the Stormont Estate the home of Parliament
in Northern Ireland

Imaculately Kept
anyone can enter, no security checks was a great feeling
to be here!

Mad Dash to Portaferry

It's getting cloudy,
rain rain stay away come back another day!

The anti rain dance didn't work :-(
Killclief castle

From here the heavens opened up, as I made my way to Annalong, I was not far out when I met an retired gentleman getting into his car, I asked if he knew where there was a B&B he said why would I want to stay there when he had spare bedrooms at home, his name was Pat and his wife had just died.  He lived about 15 miles back and he took me and my bike out of the rain to his home looking out onto the sea. 

He had a lovely home and I had a huge bedroom with ensuite showers, he cooked dinner (steak) and he introduced me to his love of potatoes (grown in the field opposite), they were delicious!   I had a bath, his bath was amazing with 6 high power jets i didn't want to leave, number one and number two piston were very grateful! 

Later on Pat went off to the pub to visit his friends leaving me to sleep, before he went he said don't worry I will drop you back to where I found you so you don't have to do the miles... life is wonderful! 

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