Saturday, 15 August 2015

Day 29 - 13th August - Ballycastle to Belfast

Today was possibly one of the most amazing cycling days I have ever had!  Last night I went to the pub next to the hostel to listen to some Norweigian guests who were taking part in an open mike session for traditional irish music, it was great fun but it  meant i get much sleep again!

I woke up early and beat everyone to breakfast and more importantly the showers, young Liam a canadian touring Ireland was snoring he had drunk a little more than me the night before and he had told me the worst problem he was having was getting up in the morning.  I did my best not to disturb him and  loaded up my bike, taking the chance for a coffee with Anne Marie the hostel owner.

The weather was warm so I finally had a sunny day to cycle in, would I be able to take it????

 There is a gentle hill climb out of Ballycastle it was a nice warm up to the day and number one and two piston apreciated the easy start.  
Met woman with two dogs
Quiet traffic
Went into church lit candle for Auria
Disappearing laugh fairies?? Water
Most beautiful coastal road a2 (I cant remember a more perfect cycle)
Clear waters
White stones
Stunning cliffs
Interspersed with beautiful villages
Coffee at that place
Breakfast before coastal road
Sat nave started playing up – just loads and loads of lines all over map?
Suspect corrupt route or maps
Trek into the castle carrick? And bought new phone
Ends in Larne
Final push to Belfast
Busy road
Belfast nice – town hall nice a lot of drunks about woman arguing
Photos at town hall
Free wifi at town hall – couldn’t get hold of clement
Went out to arnies backpackers
Arrived then clement txt me
Went to clements
Lovely French guy
Cooked food
Talked for hours
Tree in living room
Organised my kit couldn’t sleep till 2:30
Talked to Jane Vickers on skype
Reinstalling sat nav maps to try and repair fault
v.worried if doesn’t fix

Coffee at the hostel before leaving

Busy Busy Anne Marie

Goodbye Ballycastle

It’s 65 miles to belfast, iv'e got a full tank of gas, half a pack digestives, it’s light and im wearing sunglasses.
  Hit it!

the open road

Ballypatric Forest

yep I have finally gone native

These two just wanted to know what the hell kind
of animal my bike was!

The disapearing lough Magic!
The lake sits on top of a leaky limestone bed with
a hole in it, that gets blocked with peat and when it clears
the lake disapears (science not magic)


hopefully noone will pull the plug!

This river flows into the lough

look at that for a road, it just says cycle me.....

ohhh yeahh the sun is out and im smiling

mountains in the distance

whats that the sea... mmmmm

im on the coast and it's flat

come on bike stop acting the goat there's cycling to be done!

You won't believe this, but at the end of some buildings there
was a toilet, I went round the back and this was the view, is
this the worlds greatest toilet view>???

Auria is flying to Brazil today so I decided to light a candle
for her, I am not religious but she would love it!

I am really cycling the coast now, before me miles and miles
of flat coastal road with the blue sea on my left and stunning
hills on my right

Coming up to the black tunnel

How smug am I feeling today,

Can you see what it is yet??

Yep a fake fisherman!

Every so often theres a lovely village on the coast!

Hello Caterpillar, it joined me for lunch

Crystal clear waters with white rocks shining through

Larne  not that far to go !

Carricfergus Castle

Belfast at last, now I forgot something ahh yes, where am I going to stay tonight

The search is on .... to be continued

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