Saturday, 28 March 2015

65 Mile Ride and Gorge Walking

The day ended with Richard and I freezing cold and naked in the woods together, how it started is another matter, however I should point out it was all very innocent!

I had told Richard what an interesting ride it was from Birmingham to Worcester along the canals and the opportunity came up for us to plan a ride for Saturday, so Richard came over on Saturday morning and we headed off to join the canal in Selly Oak.

Back a little richard

Barges aplenty

I remember riding over that bridge, it's closed and in disrepair now.
 Riding along the canal is great fun, however a word of caution as you get out into the countryside the path get's very rough and depending on the weather you are riding in slop or concrete ruts that can throw you off.  We both remarked how much concentration it takes to make sure you don't come off into the canal, you can tell when it's bad, the chat comes to a halt as all available brain power is diverted to cycling.

We made it into Worcester for the usual lunchtime meal and then headed back home on the roads for a total trip of 65 miles or so.  A great day out!

So how did we get naked...  well when we got back Richard explained that he had planned to go white water rafting on the Sunday but his mate was to ill to go, so I bought the ticket and we decided to go together.

Unfortunately the river was too low so we were given alternatives and we chose gorge walking which if you haven't done it before involves climbing into wetsuits and walking up the middle of a stream/river and jumping in from a height at various points along the way as well as scrambling up waterfalls and generally acting like big kids making splashes and getting wet.

Getting Started..
I look like private shultz compared to Richards
normal dashing self

Love the bermuda shorts they put you in

Look out below

Is the water too your liking sir?

Follow me in Rich, it's lovely and warm.. Honest

See Rich lovely and warm

A very slippery bottom (the river not mine)

nope I am not going to fall in

Just sit back and enjoy a steaming hot shower

still smiling

Richards turn for a shower

The Photo that made the day

about halfway

I had slipped over at this point you can see by Richards smile

Just sitting around in a stream as you do!

We took a few videos of jumping in the water, I had to endure a few comments about the swimming pool scene from shallow Hal and at one point Richard asked to jump in first to make sure there was some water left in...  It's amazing how accidents can happen out alone in a stream so easy to make a mistake Rich...

We didn't get a picture of our guide, he was taking all of the photos but it was a great day and when we finished it was a walk back to the car park and then into the woods with a large wooden fort that is used as a changing room.

Hence getting naked with Richard in the middle of the woods and wondering how such a great weekend gets started with a little jaunt along a canal!!!  Take an opportunity wherever you see it!

For anyone thinking of gorge walking it's great fun and kids will love it, our guide told us of a group of young girls who turned up all dressed as barbie in one form or another who took great delight in their makeup and mascara cascading down and ended up looking more like the rocky horror show cast!

One of the highlights especially for kids was a visit to a small clay hole where black clay is daubed onto your face as the "mark of the gorge walker"  just take it in fun and get into the spirit, aparently the girls mentioned spent an incredibly long time using their make up skills to paint harry potter glasses etc.. I went for the Hitler moustache and my guide simply stated "there's always one!" and then proceded to top me off with two streaks on my cheek.

All in all a part of my life well spent!

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