Saturday, 7 March 2015

Airbrushing my frame

My intention was to have my frame powdercoated orange with some custom letters in aluminium bonded to the frame.  The problem is, everyone who said they can do the letters then said they can't.....

So here's a man who said he could!  Danny at Dark Arts Air Brushing in Birmingham, located in the Oasis stores:

So I thought get them airbrushed on the frame, here's the first pics, there's more work to be done but need to let the first layer settle in.   Danny was great about fitting me in and picked up on what I was going for, I had originally wanted orange but as the rest of the frame stickers are red it would have looked a mess, I think Danny was relieved.

I left a camera with him and he took some photos as he worked:

That Newt is based on one drawn by another Danny who was 11 at the
time and sent it to me from Ireland so I would have a proper newt!

I am fitting the headset now, and it's going back to Danny next week to have the lettering sharpened.  The best part for me was the Newt, Danny took the picture I had of the original one and went with it in red I really love it.

I didn't like the badge on the Fairdale frame, TBH it really let the frame down as it looked just awful, Danny ripped it off and put my initials on instead.  

Danny is a great guy, really welcoming and I can do nothing but recommend him, I also found out that the guy does free T-Shirts for sick kids in hospital. 

All in all, I had a great day wondering around the city centre while Danny did his work and a really good meal as well at a carribean cafe, Jamaican Curry Chicken with spicy rice.  Chalk this up as a good day.

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