Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Repair to an Ortlieb Pannier

I recently noticed one of my front panniers had developed a tear probably something sharp as it was a very straight cut.  I got hold of some glue and repair material for a car soft top from a friend who had recently reapired his roof and recommended it (thanks Measey!!)  he bought it on Ebay so I used that, it was designed for a car travelling at speed so should do the trick!

(Long term note:   This patch has been on for over 2 1/2 years now still solid still waterproof, I did a bath test before a recent trip and it rained so the reapair is good).

To repair:

1. cut a patch at least 3cm wider than the tear at each point.
2. Clean the surfaces (I use plain old water).
2. Coat the patch and tear with glue (thoroughly)
3. Wait 10 main for both surfaces to become tacky and apply the patch
4. Wait 24 hrs to dry properly, dust with talc and test in water.

Here is the tear

Vinyl glue & patch

Fully covered
Repair in place inside the bag view

When it has had 24 hrs to dry I will dust in talcum powder so nothing sticks to the excess glue.  I will then put it in the bath to see how waterproof it is.  So far a 10 minute job!

I have now tested it in water and on the road, waterproof and isn't peeling away etc..

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