Thursday, 23 June 2016

Changing Tyres the easy way

My new tyres arrived today and at the moment I can't really strain much to fit them as I am currently recovering from an operation and have a stent in me.  Vic had offered to come over but me being me had to at least try it myself. 
I got the old ones off but when it came to fitting the new tyres it just seemed impossible I really couldn't manage it, after almost half an hour I was in pain and getting nowhere, half convincing myself that the tyres were somehow wrong for the wheel, they were 700 x 28c same as what had come off but a different brand. 
I should say my rims are fairly narrow and the new tyres are Shwalbe Marathon plus probably one of the sturdiest tyres on the market and very very stiff to fit when new.

Well they say necessity is the mother of invention so I did what I normally do when brute force and celtic don't work I simply stared at the problem and tried to think a way out.  The main problem was that as soon as you pushed one part in it caused the one next to it to jump out so you chased the tyre round the wheel unendingly.
Well I came up with a solution that made the whole job so much easier, there was no straining involved and each one was done with little fuss and very quickly.   Now I know what your thinking.... I admitted defeat and I called Vic and got him to do for me, well you would be wrong.  
Instead i simply pushed one section into the rim and then taped it with a little electrical tape, then went a bit further along and did the same.  It only took about 3 sections being held in place to make the whole job so much easier.  Like having 3 sets of helping hands.

Three Tape Sections

Close Up

I always carry an amount of this tape in my tool kit, I wrap mine round the small aluminium tube that came with my tent to repair a broken pole in an emergency.  In future when I am travelling out and tired after a long day ending up with a puncture won't be such a chore, however it's a long time since I had a puncture!
Anyhow I hope this helps, it's a trick I won't forget!

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