Monday, 18 July 2016

Update on my stent

Well they told me my stent could feel a little uncomfortable.....

I have been in permanent pain for weeks now, if i walk or drive any distance I am in agony and it feels like a hot knife in my groin...  I feel so LIED to...  I don't blame the doctors and at the end of the day the alternative was worse...

On the bright side, family friends and work have been really supportive, thanks to my super team and my bosses - Steve and Nath! Without work being understanding it would have been unbearable.

I like to start with a whine as that normally kicks me in the backside to look for the positives... which are... it has really made me itch to get out on my bike... I have had plenty of time to think about little projects and destinations... and best of all my new op is on Friday so kidney stones begone and stent begone so I can get back to normal.

I am not a religious person however here is a little prayer... please whatever deity is listening save some summer for me so I am not left with just the rain!

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