Thursday, 4 August 2016

Handiware Picnic Stove

I am starting to get a little collection of stoves, recently I bought a Handiware Picnic Stove from ebay.  It's a meth burner essentially but one from the 50's/60's I believe, if you know any more history drop me a line!  

It arrived coated in rust so I will have to do some cleaning when I get the chance and it also had an additional part that just didn't seem to be part of the stove, I suspected it was from a completely different stove as the part was heavy and more like a burner for something else.  Well the guys at the classic stove forum agreed and the part was dispensed with. 

I set it up with a camping kettle and proceded to enjoy a coffee in the garden whilst doing a bit of stargazing before bed!

Here's some pictures!

The Handiware Picnic Stove
Rusted up version!

A brass Mushroom
John at Classic Stoves thinks it's a butane burner!

Very easy to light and puts out a good flame!

A nice flame pattern
It boiled my camping kettle in no time, I was actually very impressed I will definitely take it out on a day trip will bring a nice touch of nostalgia!

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