Friday, 2 January 2015

Another one fooled at the Lydiate Ash Roundabout roadside cafe

On a recent visit to my sisters with Khyle I had occasion to repay a kindness.  On a previous trip out I was cycling past the roadside cafe between Rubery and the Lydiate Ash roundabout along the dual cabbageway I stopped for a coffee and discovered I had forgotten my money, the guy very kindly did me a coffee anyway and I promised when I was next past I would pay for the coffee.

The route to my sisters in Malvern took me past the cafe so I pulled in for a coffee and an early morning bacon sandwich with Khyle, I reminded the owner of his previous kindness and he said someithing which didn't make much sense:  "is the lady still there?"  I thought he was referring to a lady on the previous trip and as people do I simply smiled...

Whilst he was doing the sandwiches and coffee I took the opportunity to walk over to a sign that borders the woods at the back to see what the woods were called, I hadn't realised they were a nature reserve.

When I got back Khyle was wandering towards a bench where there was a lady bent over with a child in a pram - this was -1 temprature but I could see that this was obviously a dummy the pose was stiff and they both had frost on them even from that distance.

The owner had asked Khyle to take her a beer over ... He had fallen for a trick the owner pulls on many customers..   I asked Khyle hadn't he even thought what was she doing out in this temp with a baby?  He replied "I thought she looked depressed"...  I couldn't stop laughing..  The owner told him not to feel too bad as he wasn't the first one fooled this morning (aparently a sport that breaks the boredome for the owner".. 

Khyle however had the last laugh as he opened the beer and drank it saying he could happily  drink another if he wanted him to go back..

If you are passing by there some time be WARNED the old lady is not real, however if you fancy relieving the owner of a free beer it may be worth it!

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