Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Koga Atalanta Handlebars & Bontrager Wrap with Bike Ribbon inserts

A while back I had decided to search for a multiposition handlebar that was straight at the ends to give me a similar feel to bar ends.  After some searching I came across the Koga Atalanta bars and I fitted them this weekend, some photos below.

You can see them here with my gear selectors/brakes and ergon grips fitted etc.

Side on you may apreciate they are a little wider than
others which gives me a more comfortable grip.

I wanted as much firm cushioning as possible to
give me the same feeling as I got with Phat Tape on my BB handlebars
so I fitted a set of Bike Ribbon inserts.

Side view with the orange bontrager wrap.

Checking out the fit with all the kit on.  Note the double section
where you can mount accessories that is very well thought out.

Final adjustments.  Again not clear in the photo but they have
cleverly put a litle notch behind the top bar so you can secure
bar bags as if directly to the stem! Very well thought out.

It's not easy to see from here, however the fitting for the Ortlieb bag is still a bit tight despite Koga saying generous space for bar bags.  Additionally the bag gets in the way of the camera.  My solution is I am going to fit a 2nd stem below the first so I will let you know how I get on with that!

Overall I am extreemely happy, unfortunately my rear wheel is being returned to Chain Reaction so I will have to wait for it to come back before I can do a road test and final adjustments.  I may be able to get the 2nd stem fitted beforehand.

To answer Tim's questions:

Weight is just 1040 grams, they feel heavier and more solid than my old BBB ones which were good.
diameter varies around the bar but centre diameter for mounting is standard 25mm so fits normal stems you don't need a koga specific one.
 What I do like is the individually adjustable wings which I will write more about they mean each side is independantly adjustable.
with regards to my previous comment about the tight fit of the bar bag, I have bought an extender for the bag bracket ortlieb and it sits fine now.


  1. Thanks so much for this. I've also been looking at these bars but can find so little information on them. Any chance you can tell me a bit about the specs please? Bar diameter, weight, etc. Also did you have to buy a Koga stem in order to fit them?
    Can't wait to read about how you get on with them too.

  2. hi tim, will do email me darknewt@systems-engineer.info with any specific questions.

  3. Hey thanks for sharing this! I'm also looking at buying this handlebar. I particularly like the combination with the ergon grips. Did the grips fit straight out of the box? Do you reckon there'd be enough space for a rohloff shifter with these ergon grips?

  4. Hiya, the grips fitted without any fettling but needed a lot of force to push them that far along (possibly could go a little further) with the brake leavers and gear shifters it's a tight fit. However you are in luck! They do these grips in a shortened version for the rohloff link here: http://www.amazon.com/Ergon-BioKork-Rohloff-Bicycle-Handlebar/dp/B004P8DKWI
    I am 99% sure they would fit.

    If your close to the Midlands email me and you can try it on my bike before you buy. darknewt@systems-engineer.info

  5. Thanks for your prompt response and the very kind offer. I'll drop you a line via e-mail shortly.