Thursday, 5 February 2015

A new frame & a monumentours mapping decision!

I have been eyeing up a steel frame for my bike for a while...  I have looked at various options and I wanted to stick with a hybrid style geometry/touring setup.  During my research I came across a bike called the Fairdale weekender and one thing led to another and there was a fairdale frame going incredibly cheaply brand new from the shop...  I have ordered it along with a headset and new bottom bracket.

Frame in Black
I want to paint in orange with aluminium embossed
 Here is the only snag.. I am getting made some aluminium letters to go on the bike with the idea of stripping the frame and getting it powdercoated orange with the letters embossing the frame..

Will I have time to get it all done...  Or should I just transfer everything over to the new frame asap...  can't make my mind up!!  Is it worth the extra trouble...

I also came to a monumental decision regarding routing...  I am sick to the back teeth of GPS maps, routing none of it seems to work quite right for me the gps doesn't like sticking to the routes I plan etc...

So I have made a decision, I am going to list all of the places I want to visit in order and locate a conveninet address in that place along my route.  I will print that out and carry it with me as my guide and use the sat nav to route to each postcode in turn.   I found this method the most enjoyable previously so thats the way I am going to do it for the whole trip.

It will leave some mystery to the route, enable me to recalculate on the fly and i won't feel totally reliant!

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