Sunday, 1 February 2015

The fundamental interconnectedness of all things!

For any fans of Douglas Adams and his less well known Dirk Gently novels you may be familliar with the concept of "The fundamental interconnectedness of all things!", bear with there is a point!

From Devian Art

I noticed a topic on the CTC forum of a user not happy with the mapping on his Garmin Touring Plus.. something which has really bugged me, specifically the fact that no matter what I seem to do it won't stay on an A road!

Well one of the contributors pointed out that you can download the other garmin maps to the edge touring plus, my first instinct was to say NOOOOOOO you can't because i looked before, instead i questioned and did a check, sure enough they now say you can!

I have ordered the new maps and with baited breath await trying them as an alternative to the open street maps!

Well not only may this have given me the solution I was looking for but also another free alternative called Velomaps which another contributer says work with the garmin, this is getting better!  Another user then offered to burn them to DVD for me (the velo not the garmin) and then I had a phonecall with the contributer who turns out to be a keen cyclist of many years and a thoroughly nice guy, I am going out to meet him in Stratford upon Avon, so that's going to be a good excuse for a cycle :-)

Even better during the conversation he mentioned the name of an Author that cycled around the UK someone I hadn't heard of before Nick Sanders, he said the book was no longer in print, however a quick search on Amazon I got the book and another by him for 1p each + £2.90.00 p&p can't beat that.

I will do an update on the Garmin Unit when I have tried the maps out!  So what has that got to do with Dirk Gently...  well I am sure you can work that one out for yourself.

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