Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Tigra Bike Console powerplus and I really am becoming a technofile...

I was unhappy with placing my phone into the Ortlieb handlebar bag, it doesn't fit well and feels like I will tear the seethrough window.

I did some research and found a product called the Bikeconsole power plus.  Essentially it is a tough shockresistant waterproof mount for your phone.  It comes with an optional external battery and a very sturdy mounting bracket.

I went for the full option as the external battery unit can be charged and discharged at the same time and it has a secondary output port so you can both charge your phone and another device.

My cunning plan is to therefore hook it up to the biologic recharge cache battery so that the dynamo keeps the biologic charging and the biologic cache battery charges the phone cache battery, the output from which will supply both the phone and either the my garmin touring plus or the garmin Virb Camera. 

My feeling is that with 2 x 2100 cache batteries, the internal batteries on the devices and a constant charge from the dynamo I will be fairly self sufficient powerwise, with the optional top up if I happen to be staying over anywhere!  WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG :-)

Here's the unit opened up note the internal plug for the phone and the
two power cables supplied.

Note the left hand is the output from the cache battery and the R/H
is the input from a power source.  The R/H cable screws in to ensure it stays in place.

Bottom view with the bracket which is tightened with an Allen Key.
Note the two round dials they screw into both the battery and phone holder
this ensures that under vibration or shock the units don't fling your phone somewhere.

Top view of the cache battery

Bottom view of the cache battery

Little tip put a bit of double sided tape onto any anti slip rubber
whilst you are fitting the mount, makes it far easier and
neater when tightening it up.

Unit Mounted on the stem you can see the biologic reecharge cache
battery just above.
Note the internal microusb power connector and the shockproof lining.
Don't forget this is IPX4 waterproof.

My first impression is that it is very solid and sturdy but time will tell, I love the way the units allow you to screw them together as I have had similar phone mount units fly apart!

The power points are well thought out, I will point out that it feels fairly heavy due to the cache battery however this will allow me to ditch one of my external batteries and they are almost identical in weight so a real positive there.

It's late and I am going to be doing the 25mile cycle to work in the morning so i will try and revisit this one at a later date and give some feedback after a road test!  You can see the specs in my kit list!

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