Tuesday, 1 October 2013

day 2 tongue to carbisdale


When I woke up in the morning for day 2 I had a breakfast 2 x Porridge and syrup sachets and made a flask of coffee to take with me on the day.  I found I had been sharing the field with some horses who had kept a respectful distance fortunately.  I packed up and made sure that there was no trace of where I had been, wild camping is legal in Scotland but you should always respect where you are, theres a saying "leave only footprints" and on this occasion you couldn't even see those.

Packing up

Leave Only Foot Prints

Great view from my campsite

The obligatory boomerang throw

The view as I left Tongue, overtaking the small group of touring mates

Coffee from a lovely B&B owner, photo with local lad
a real terror

The lovely lady herself, an experienced walker and
winter camper, she knows what cyclists need :-)
local hotel had her banned from serving food (meanies)

Great weather

Long Roads

The Crask In

even my mascot gets thirsty up here

Just before bob the boat

Stunning bench hand carved

Off to Bonar Bridge

Bonar Bridge Plack

Views from the bridge

Getting dark

no shop open
coffee at the ben loyal, stealing some power (with permission) som loo roll without permission.  Using rhe bathroom for a quick wash and brush of teeth.  thanking and goodbye.

The climb out of Tongue

Phone signal at last calls to friends family, overtaken by some guys touring.
Overtook the guys touring on the hill, very pleased.
they called one of their guys a "touring simpleton"
My first puncture of the day by loch loyal and then overtaken
the beautiful weather
I get to wear my sunglasses
second puncture - sidewall damaged repaired
meeting the lady at the B&B - story of local hotel and the little kid who broke his arm no inhibitions great life for a young one
Crask inn - dog fight pachedale dog v's collie, pachedale loses but eats my sandwiches then buggers off :-)
at dalchork about 3.3 miles from lairg I had my 3rd puncture - sidewall gave in had to change the tyre
running very late but weather still good
got to lairg, the shop was closed (panic ionly basic food)
tried 4 houses no one in, 5th house asked to buy some food.  Lady gave me tin of spicy meatballs wouldn't accept payment - had a westie dog very protective thought he was gonna bite)
pushed on to

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