Thursday, 3 October 2013

Day 3 - Carbisdale to loch oich photos

carbisdale to loch oic - 81 miles

made a flask - mild stiffnes - stretched - feel a bit dehydrated.drink more
plan for the day   as far down loch ness as possible - via inverness or not??,,,,  lots of food in inverness, they said the best side of loch ness was other side.
thinking where do i cross hadrians wall,
Left carbisdale and the B&B details on my card
went through ardgay
the longest climb ever out of carbisdale on the B1976
ended up on the A9 going towards bonar bridge
mention saw that mushroom fairy house
passed through ross&cromarty
passed through ardross
stopped off at that farm shop picture by the stone just before black isle
crossed over that long bridge (moray firth) to the black isle
turned off got a puncture innertube now has 6 fixes met a lovely old lady  Margaret George with a fusspot collie called Mille, she made me coffee and biscuits while i fixed bike lovely old style cottage with an arga, she was sat listening to the radio.  details on the piece of paper will send postcard
followed the a835 - truck came to close came off hurt ankle and wrist
lost a lot of feeling in hand worried???
went through kiltarlity village (photo)
went on post office brae (a street)
carried on to loch ness
went down the steepest longest hill ive ever been down, wanted to go back up and film it
no signs for loch ness getting worried, turns out they only signpost the village drumnadroicht
got to loch ness, very touristy
got water at the pub had a ping stole some electric.
decided to push on as far as possible needed to gain some miles
got past loch ness very dark
realised i had lost my pannier, unloaded my other kit took a location on phone headed back
got another puncture light went out - in deep crap now
Really nice irish guy John came to my rescue
drove to find pannier, got my bike and kit back
drove me to loch oik to camp (about 10 miles away) - eat cold food off to sleep

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