Sunday, 6 October 2013

Day 8 - Longtown to Slaidburn or the journey from hell

Day 8 - Longtown to slaidburn

Left Longtown - feeling drained the hotel was great but there was noise and kept me up
managed to dry a lot of my kit
breakfast not served till 7:30 wanted to get off before that
had a full english and mueslei
paid up packed bike pushed off now 9:30
pushed hard got to carlisle,didn't stop long would love to have had time to look round more
headed on to penrith, got some food headed on
starting to climb a bit now
not feeling good today still drained
Climbing SHAP fell it is the worst hill. had a disaster, shoe broke for ^&*& sake had to wheel back down
spoke to an older guy in shap he offered to drive me back to penrith to get some shoes
got to penrith all bike shops closed... brainwave aldis got some from there they have the bike sale on only one size 10 left in brown
that will do me :-)
headed back to shap, got cleets swapped over. Guy did me some homemade carrot and corriander all local produce,
kept me enterntained while i swapped cleats, played a remastered 1930's record of some folk music and showed me some of his
home made nettle string, aparently 3 strands strong enough to make a bow
really late not sure about climbing shap fell..
do i stay here and be behind or push on???
pushed on think my heart stopped on shap fell... the mother of all climbs.. it has nearly killed me
but an amazing downhill all the way to kirkby
really dark now so decided night cycle time (night cycling here is not for the faint hearted, they don't slow down)
can't see much no photos and I am too tired to be bothered
got to just before slaidburn
asked a couple where there was a B&B the said stay with us.. it's late and im tired so hey ho
good move, nice food really nice people sets me up for tomorrow sleep at last, don't think I have ever been this tired

lady with coffee (we only drink decaf)

ripped up shoe...

home made carrot and corriander and nettle string

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