Friday, 4 October 2013

Day 4 - Loch Oich to Oban

loch oic to oban

got into fort william, had to go to hospital with hand - A&E doc alaistair said nerve damage but would get better but told me to wear a steel wrist brace great!! and keep taking naprossyn, cycling good for the achilles but cold compress it daily and stretch
had breakfast,
tried to get bike fixed gears not working properly and keep getting punctures.
headed out doing really well crossed bridge
pushing hard got 56 mile puncture on new innertube this was a slime one, and it went bang something not right.  Had to get a lift (10 miles) to oban with bike, not feeling guilty i have already done tons more miles than necessary :-)
got to bike shop closed, went to the next one open,
guy was great,
headed up to the backpackers + amazing facilities and value
went back to bike, diagnosis:
2 loose spokes on front - 3 x loose on back.
back wheel needed truing
gears damaged in fall - repaired, brakes needed tightening.
required new innertube
owner charged me 10 quid the lot!!
walked round the oban
bought some food
removed a load of kit to lighten bike, don't need to carry as much food or water now as im out of the really wild places
cooked tea in backpackers + gave leftovers to an eastern european guy
left the kit I didn't want on the table with a note.
updated and uploaded some stuff to blog
charged kit
got ready for tomorrow, need to do 80+ miles to meet ferry going the longer route to see more so will have to push really hard, feeling the pain in my achilles just
pushing on through it.

nice weather

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punture no light dark road lovely


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