Sunday, 6 October 2013

Day 7 - Coylton to Longtown

Covered 81 miles today

didn't sleep till 2:00 stayed up chatting with Jim, and doing blog
listened to some music and drifted off
I had planned to drop a load of kit off when i got near the midlands as I wouldn't need all the heavy camping gear, instead dropped it with Jim and promised to return on my motorbike to pick it up
bike is lighter hopefully fewer punctures.
Left Coylton Late as said goodbye to Jim and Gale
wront turn at end of road had to turn round and pass them again (felt like a plank)
Weather is awful like yesterday, pushing into the rain even with waterproofs you get soaked just accept it and suck it up
Headed into East Ayrshire
weather is turning no rain and the sun occasionally poking out, im not putting my sunglasses on it will anger the rain gods..
saw a laybye cabin cafe, lady named June noticed my JOGLE sign and refused to let me pay for coffee and then sent me off with two ham cheese and salad cobs for lunch woop!
passed dumfries house took photo
passed new cumnock took photo by church
went through a small village guy gave me a run down about the old mill wheel and how it was still running when he was a child, promised to send me story via email.
having to fight the urge to visit every castle in scotland lol
pushed on and managed to not make another 3 mile detour to visit a castle (i would love to add up my detours..)
hit a nasty pothole, and flattened tire, pulled over into a village and fixed at a garage/cafe.. but my light was also broken.
I now have a no working spare and i only have one patch left.  Saw signs for a bike shop in Queen Street Dumfries
if i was to make it by 5 I needed to push hard, so i dug deep and put my head down
I passed a village and bought an orange the lady cut it in half as i walked out half dropped under a metal table was very sad looking forward to it, couldn't be bothered to crawl under and retrieve it...  only half an orange why god why...
passed a small village with a mental health unit... did I need to go on, I am in such high spirits... all the blogs said by know i would have feelings of despair and thoughts of giving in... all i can think of is keep going.. don't want to stop...
I can't remember when i stopped thinking about hills, they are just a fact now nothing special..
headed into dumfries as i was going down the road a guy went to walk out i shouted really loud he looked at me and still stepped out, collision he mumbled and walked off not in the mood for this crap feeling tired and irritable, need to find the shop.
asked locals and pointed me there
arrived just as he was closing door my heart sank, put my pathetic pleading face on, I shouldn't have worried
young lad owns the shop really nice did the following:
replaced two innnertubes, spare, put on new rear light spare batteries and puncture repair patches pre glued, tightened spokes and checked gears total £40.00
grabbed a chicken pasty at the bakers, i bit my finger eating it as i was hungry and in a rush, considered eating my finger as well :-)  bolted down a coke and half a litre of water
headed out of Dumfries at 6:30 sugar hit me feeling good pushed hard but soon became dark, heading for Gretna Green
Achilles still sore and had a small pain in knee for 1/2 a mile - funny got really paranoid that i will get an injury that will stop me, got enough pain to deal with in my wrist and ankle thank god for the cold rain stops you feeling lol
The road was treacharous dark and narrow for an A road
so dark, all i could think of was the lonely man theme from the incredible hulk
hit Gretna green really small... not what I expected tried 5 B&B no luck
found one but wouldn't let me put bike in back said i had to chain to her front gate?????? what planet was she born on??
passed a Kebab Shop, starting to crash now need food so eat a Kebab, it was disgusting offal and grease in a pitta bread.. don't eat at the kebab shop in gretna green.
what to do what to do? No room in Gretna:
1.  Find an Girl desprate to marry and let her pay for wedding and or stay at hers... didn't fancy that one
2. Push on to Carlisle and hope more space there

so headed out of Gretna Green,
went into Springfield... Wheres Homer maybe I could crash with him and marge or stay at Mo's diner??
It's pitch black and amazingly i am at the border of england/scotland took photo
Pushed on found a village called Longtown, Landlady there wanted £40 without a breakfast, err no thanks
walked over the road, Graham Arms Hotel, £40.00 inc breakfast, safe place to lock bike!!
guy gave me a double room for single price only downside no guiness and I really fancy a guiness and black.  Bitter Shandy it is then,  room was nice, guy was welcoming and ended up the evening with political conversation with a guy there with mates to salmon fish, his mates went to bed as they couldn't keep up with his drinking, fun evening KNACKERED
called family friends and also Jim and Gale
use wifi dry clothes, recharge battery and update blog.
host here really nice guy.
Tomorrows plan head all the way to Sladiburn Youth hostel,hurch St, Slaidburn BB7 3ER
Phone:01200 446656
 total mileage for tomorrow will be: 95 miles aprox longest day yet... groan(bring it on groan lol) must be away by 9:00 call ahead to YHA to reserve a bed so i can arrive late if need be seriously can I do it???
Jim & Gale retired nurses and Jim now plays folk music

The temptress june with her coffee and hams salad baps.. a siren of the road

err yeah more than a mouthful june
seriously a lovely lovely lady


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