Sunday, 6 October 2013

Day 9 - somewhere near sladiburn to chester

Day 9 - somwhere near slaidburn to chester

woke up got moving still dark
had a quick breakfast and coffee, force fed myself 1.5 litres of water and my tablets
feeling sluggish, not enough sleep
got hold of the st christopher jazzy gave me and threatened to melt it down if I got a puncture or any disaster today
went through whalley
took off jacket, it's early morning and cold but my whole body is steaming lol literally steam rising from everywhere working hard up these
hills lol
the weather is great sun is out maybe the St Christopher threat woke him up
saw a sign for Walley Abbey, i was tempted to go look...
I don't understand it, im feeling frisky like a colt fighting the urge not to sprint I must have some sort of riders hysteria
wen't past a place called st michaels house a charity for peace, had all sorts of imaginings of what goes on in there!! probably an old peoples home!
stopped at a garage for a coke, quick tip don't bolt a whole coke and then sprint, the burp can shatter the local windows
took photo of a graveyard announcing war graves.. sad
i seem to have got into the habit of breaking the trip up mentally into 30 mile runs nearly at the end of the first one today
slight pain in knee, paranoia about injury kicked in again, concentrated on foot and realised shoe pressuring outside of foot, got off immediately and adjusted the cleat
better now, foot has some float and knee has some flexion room
took photo at sign for blackburn
went through blackburn on the Barbra Cartland way
took photo before a bridge next to a community fire station
took a photo next to blackburn rovers football club, hastily trying to remember anything from the football stories of the boys at work.. couldn't think of anything
if im challenged i will try to bluff... "great goal last night"... could backfire if they lost hopefully no one will talk to me about football, asked an old lady to take the photo she asked me who i support, i considered making one up and said no one.. she looked at me like i was an alien, pretty much how Marc and Dave G. at work look at me
if i try and talk about footie,
Theres some huge folly on the hill as you cycle through darwen must look it up
rang ahead to backpackers in cheshire, negotiated a double room at single room rate
saw a sign for the moors
climbing now back out into the countryside
they say the northerners are unfit die early etc.. not the ones i have seen always loads of bikes and runners maybe this generation are healthier?
off the moors into Boulton, don't get this it is almost entirely down hill???  this is easy cycling
took photo at roundabout
thinking of family friends dogs
stopped off at Kwik Fit a bracket for front pannier is rattling loose, can't do it my right hand still to weak, nice kwik fit guy did it and gave me a coffee took photo
Ian O'Donnel
Kwik Fit
2 Howard Street
Ian's work colleague explained why it's all downhill he reckons Boulton is called that because it's like a bowl all down hill and you have to climbe hard out.... I think it's a wind up
must be a wind up I'm into Atherton and no serious hills yet
took photo in front of Atherton church, local lady explained some vandals burned it down, but the community restored it, even the local scouts pitching in
Into leigh took some photos
over the river mersey and photo (how much time do I waste on photos lol)
cycling up a hill saw a trailer with fresh veg turned round to buy an apple, he told me to take for free and then I noticed he had fresh honey, so bought a small jar and he gave me another free apple, all organic.  The honey will do nice with breakfast, I have lots of little cuts on my leg, the honey works well on that, fresh honey is very antibacterial, he is from Oak Mount Farm Helsby, took a nice photo of him (rustic??) he (Ewart Dixon) asked if i could send it to him took his address and will send it on.  He is awaiting a back op and this keeps him busy.
The rest of the day is a bit of a blur took photos and headed into cheshire and chester on the A49
last 5 miles i basically pushed as hard as I could, wanted to spend some time in Chester.
arrived unpacked, wandered into chester had a pint of guiness and black (medicinal) ate food tried to find a massage place to get my legs a massage (no dave not one of those not looking for a happy ending!!!)  There was only one and it's closed
 went back to room at backpackers and also ate 3 boiled eggs more protein and some sweets.
shower, updated blog uploaded photos.  Short day tomorrow

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