Friday, 4 October 2013

Day 5 - Oban to Arran

Left backpackers in oban,
continental breakfast, made some peanut butter on toast for later

It's quite funny but I am no longer thinking about which gear I am in, just which is the least painful for my achilles, somwhere that doesn't jar it but isn't too hard.. slowing me down

Trying not to think how I will cope with the bigger hills... unsuccessfully hope i don't damage my achilles further.

Two punctures today, fixed one in a garage, have card photo with owner oldtimer
Rain at last..

came across a small house with some pigs, took some photos.  Poor guy is being evicted, the owners dog attacked his pigs and chickens so he shot at it to scare it off.  Now they are evicting him as they say they don't like guns because their grandfather came from the war not liking them..  he was upset by it and said, that we are still in the middle ages where the bighouse tell the poor folk how to live and die.. he really loved his animals, no way to treat a retired soldier still I don't know all the story.

A red squirrel ran across the road looked at me cheekily and skipped off, tiny thing.

passed the world stone skimming championships - there had to be one :-)

hard slog to Arran, got there and the sign said 86 miles to Oban.. I didn't realise i had covered that much
turned off a little road and there was a small house called the red house, it looks scary like a childrens horror story took photo and avoided the witch who must live there.

A car pulled alongside, cheerful guy with a big white beard (looked like captain birdseye sailors hat as well) and a tiny wife said "it's all uphill from here but a short run down to the ferry."

it was one of those unending hills, head down kept going, local bus stood on it's horn for me to move out the way??? move wear it was a single track idiot, gave his door a good bang when he forced past, more pain in wrist lol.

as i got to the crest saw the ferry coming in... damn... had to pedal really fast to get there, just made it, red faced out of breath

boat crew took pity and invited me into their kitchen for hot coffee (the lochranza side ferry is small and no facilities)  The crew member who let me in has forearms like popeye, seriously big forearms..

made it across photo of lochranza castle and saw some stags, to slow for photo also some seals in harbour.

booked into yha stored bike in shed
yha charge £1 for 20 min internet access and it's slow bugger that

went to the pub with a canadian woman in her 50's to steal wifi
had a burger and a guiness and bought half a dozen eggs to boil later need more protein
canadian woman charged her ipod off my laptop,
headed back, in the dark and went to bed


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  1. more great stores from 1 man on a quest go Ren.