Monday, 13 July 2015

Day 11 - 13th of July - Map A9 - (arbroath) Anstruther GC to St Cyrus & B10 - Stonehaven to Petershead (finished Aberdeen Kingswells)

 START: 9am
DATE: 13th of July

Ok so my daily plan is slightly out by now and most of my days are spanning two maps, I should be on map 8 which means I should be in Anstruther tonight, instead I am just outside Aberdeen which puts me half way through map 10 or roughly 100 miles ahead of where I should be.  This means I have banked a rest day which is good news!

I stayed in Arbroath last night at a B&B after pulling a fairly long day I couldn't find anywhere to camp and I was lucky to find somewhere.  A very nice lady called Sunita who runs the Harbour Nights B&B rang around until she found me somewhere at a reasonable rate.  It is the golf open and everywhere for miles is booked and generally they double their prices for rooms at this time.

Blairdene Guest House
Bed & Breakfast
Address: 216 High St, Arbroath, Angus DD11 1HY
If you are in Arbroath stay at Blairdene, the lady who runs it was lovely to me and very accomodating, the rooms were clean and the food was good.  She is improving her home all the time and  despite having a hefty loan she insisted on making a donation even though I told her not too!

At breakfast I met a German man who works as a facilitator for large groups utilising groupthink.  He is touring around on his motorbike but looked really relaxed and happy, he asked me if I knew any good A roads, I said all roads are good on a motorbike!
I left arbroath very late but I was conscious of the fact that I had already banked so many extra miles that a late start was no issue.  I planned to get to Aberdeen and further if time and legs allowed it.  During breakfast someone commented it would be nice weather for cycling, which was obviously cursed because the minute I went downstairs to get my bike the rain started in heavy.

I got changed into my wet weather gear and said a final farewell before heading off into Arbroath, which I found a little difficult to escape from even with a Sat Nav.

to add:
Cycling past the migrant workers on a strawberry farm they called me over and Togula (thats what it sounded like) passed me a bunch of strawberries.
Hellish time on the A90
Absolutely stupid stormdrains throughout the A90 criminal construction rusting and obviously someone paid a bribe to use those ones!   front wheel hit a bad one and sent me off the bike.

cycling past a bust turned into a cafe that was shut so I made my own sandwiches on the bench outside.

Aberdeen Staying with the french couple from warmshowers
Aberdeen learning about the alfine rear hubs and carbon fibre drive belt

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  1. Hi Renyk. I don't think you will need the full 3 months off. you will be able to complete this by next week.