Saturday, 4 July 2015

Day 2 - 4th July - Mablethorpe to Brough/Hull

MAP TITLE: A2 - Mablethorpe - Hull    

START: 7:45  Mablethorpe Promenade
FINISH: 5::00 Brough
DATE: 4th July

Today's plan was to head to Hull, and cross the humber Bridge.  I was due to stay over in Hull, however due to unforseen circumstances that fell through.  I had made back up plans to stay with a couple in Brough, which meant a longer day 3, however it couldn't be helped.

Last night I camped here which is at the back of the Mablethorpe promenade.  It is a park that is dedicated to those lost in war.  There's a grassy area by the car park that is used for free by motorhomes etc..

I met up with the couples in these motorhomes.  They holiday
and travel together and invited me to camp with them.

Emergency tent :-)
I cooked an evening meal of pasta and stewed steak, simple filling and most of all quick.

 It was so warm that I decided not to put my tent up and instead sleep out on my mats and sleeping bag.  Big mistake a thunderstorm hit and I had to make a run for it with my kit into that shelter above.  It wasn't very comfortable, but I didn't notice I was very tired and soon fell asleep.

I woke in the morning to find the rain had been very fierce as my sleeping bag was soaked through from the knees down.  Fortunately down stays pretty warm even when wet, one up for down.  I was up for 6 and packed by 6:45 and on my way to find some breakfast.
I found him on the road and had to do a double take, I have
adopted him as someone else to talk to his name is "SSSid" of course!

I found breakfast here, on the promenade.
they had opened up early.  What better advertisement than the
cook seen here eating his own food!

Inside the cafe a very welcoming host

some shots of St Helens Church

I stopped here to use the loo, they have peacocks running all over the place.

Cleethorpes Promenade

The new sea defenses at Humberside

I thought I would have to double back but fortunately I found a gap in the fence!

The home of Young's seafood
cycling towards it I could smell the fish!

Lying back in some grass looking at the sky

This turned out to be a mistake I was bitten badly,
it turns out i was sharing a home with an ants nest

The train crossing at Ulceby

Ulceby boats a church on it's sign but the real one needs repair!

 In curtis I met a man and asked if the Abbey was any good.  I just got depends if you like it... I didn press on.  He told me it was no more than a mile away.... 

Thornton Abbey train station
I must be near the Abbey now it has a railway station named after it, it must be good.
poppys line the fields here

The Gatehouse to the Abbey in the distance

At the Abbey entrance £4.00 reasonable especially if I like it.

View of the gatehouse entrance

After all that I couldn't get into the Abbey, nowhere safe to lock a bike.
Ulla the attendant kindly took a photo of me

Approaching the Humber

I met a gentleman in shorts and a Bowler Hat,
I commented how nice the hat was.
Humber views

over the humber and off to Brough

My accommodation in Brough

What a beautiful home

Shirley and John Littlefair
amazing hosts and vegetarians

Not forgetting Poppy
Thats all for now it's late im tired I will fill in the rest of the day tomorrow.


  1. You have been lucky with the people you meet. I guess the ants weren't expecting your visit, a phone call always helps.

    I was up with Diesel until about 2am because of the storm last night. Bless, he gets into a real panic with thunder i thought he was going to have a fit. Goodnight Ren i love reading your blog xxx Roylyn

  2. Hey Ren

    Looks like a good start with a few ups and downs. Some nice pics and seems you've met some great people on your way. Great blog....Keep up the good work.


  3. When I read about your experience with the Thunder Storm I had to laugh, it's just one of those things. Pictured you waking up suddenly and scrambling in the pouring rain to get back to the shelter. :D
    I got absolutely soaked in it myself in Central London. I must have only been outside for a minute? Drenched through-and-through. Fantastic stuff!

    I'm glad I found out about this blog! Some adventurous stuff; you get yourself into. Amazing! Have a good time! If you get local, you should give me a shout. I might be able to meet up and treat you for lunch, or something. And if not, I'll make sure I get to come up and see you soon!

    Miss you, Ren!
    Lots of Love

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  5. Ok bruv where is my next installment. need pictures and details