Sunday, 12 July 2015

Day 10 - 12th July - A8 Aberlady to Anstruther (actual Forth Bridge to Arbroath!!

This was a tortuous day, I only had to go to Anstruther as I had stolen a lot of miles in the end as you shall see I took advantage of the good weather and pushed on to Arbroath.

Daniel was due to fly back in the morning so I we decided I would get dropped off at the Forth Bridge first, which meant getting up for 3am and leaving at 4 so that Bill could get back in time to take Daniel.  We had a late night and I only had about 2hrs sleep!

3am in the morning Jazzy, Bill and Daniel got up to see me off

Bill with the bike packed ready to go at the service
station before the slip road.

One last photo of William Wallace and I before heading off

My first view of the Forth

Vies from the bridge

 When I got to the other side of the bridge the side I was on was aparently closed???  they hadn't locked off my side??
 As I exited the bridge I went into the bus station to use the loos. I then headed off and was stopped by an old biker with a white alsation.  We got talking about motorbikes and then I went to hand him my card only to find I had left the wallet in the loos.  A mad dash back and miraculously it was still there!!!  Only 8 lives left!
Im in a kingdom

Made it to Aberdour

I found a sensory garden built by the locals

Golden Fields with a view out to the forth

You had to be there to apreciate the rolling greenery shadows were
cast by clouds and the fields undulated in the wind, I was transfixed for a while.

A gate at St Andrews
 The golf OPEN was on and lots of roads were either blocked by police or lined with cones to stop people parking.  It was a nightmare.

On to the Tayport Ferry

 I had taken a nap in the field mid day and low and behold a cyclist and his friend woke me up, the angle of my bike and me lying there unconscious made them think I had fallen off.   The cyclist was called Nikki and fortunately he had checked before trying mouth to mouth.  We chatted about bikes he was just getting into them and he had issues with saddlesore, I told him his seat was too low and it was not a good seat for long distance, I extolled the virtues of my Brooks sadle and we headed off.

I was ahead of Niki and his friend but I pulled over for a coffee and they soon left me behind.
Approaching the Tay Bridge
 On the approach to the Tay I met a lady cycling she was very nice and asked about my bike and what I was up to.  Just then Nikki and his friend turned up I had overtaken the earlier.
Nikki kindly took some photos of me and a video.

Nikki a very genuine lad!

 Nikki had decided to rest up for a while before continuing but not before guiding me
to the entrance of the bridge.

 I ended up in Dundee well ahead of my schedule, Dundee was for me a very unwelcoming city, I had a beer can thrown at em as I cycled past a Stag Night.
Dundee Sucked for me

After this I put my head down to cover the mileage to Arbroath.   When I arrived in Arbroatrh I took a look round and then went for some food and a shower before finishing my blog.


  1. Hi Renyk. What would have happened if you had lost your wallet? Regards


  2. Don't worry Jay I had a back up plan, I was going to eat grass, drink water from streams, steal sweets from little children and make a raft out of my bags to float the boat and I across to ireland :-)

  3. Glad your upbeat when the world tries to trip you up. Who needs Dundee their