Friday, 3 July 2015

Day 1 - 3rd July - Kings Lynn, to Chapel St Leonards/Mablethorpe

I managed about 3 hrs sleep last night after final preps I was back up at 2am ready for the journey down to Kings Lynn.  Vic picked us up on time and we had a fairly pleasant trip down with only a minor detour for a closed road.

There were some amazing views on the way, fields with trees that looked like they were adrift in a sea of early morning mist and the sunrise through the mist looked like a nuclear explosion in slow motion.
stunning sunrise

meltdown through the mist

We had food at Mc Donalds and then headed into Kings Lynn, Vic had a rest in his car and then Rosana and I headed off for a coffee, we eventually found a costa.  It’s difficult to say goodbye so I am not going to go into detail.

We met up with Vic again and then drove to just outside Kings Lynne onto one of the A roads, we unloaded the bike and fitted all of the kit to it.  We took a few pictures and videos a few final words, hugs and goodbyes and I was off.

Rosanna insisting I was smothered in sun tan lotion, before heading off!

packed and ready to go

The weather was amazing I can’t remember such a beautiful day, crystal clear skies and the temperature was high but surprisingly low humidity.  I could not have asked for a more perfect send off.

Elevation Profile
Planned Route - took a few detours :-)

Field after field of produce - in this case cabage

A roads that are smooth and completely level with blue skies
am I dreaming??

A view from Sutton Bridge

Another Sutton Bridge view

Just before Boston I felt my rear wheel seemed unstable and shortly after I got a flat, I pulled over and began knocking a few doors to see if they minded me fixing it in the shade of their garden the heat was no problem zipping along on the bike, but stop for a few minutes and it was merciless.

Eventually a young polish girl opened the door and said it was fine, very soon her boyfriend turned up on a bicycle and introduced himself as zeebee.  I only know one polish saying courtesy of Jane Vickers at my old workplace Jin Dhobra I said, he smiled and said I can't speak much English either.

I fixed the puncture but it was a double one and too far apart to be a pinch puncture, i was suspicious.  I put the tyre back on and immediately another flat, this time I checked the tyre more thoroughly and noticed that the beading had actually snapped with the wire protruding.  All I could do was cut it off and put tape across the tyre was done for.  Unfortuantely this punctured for a 3rd time straight away.

I got a taxi to take me and the bike 2 miles up the road to the nearest Halfords.  I had bought the tyre from halfords and explained this to the manager along with the fact it had done less than 500 miles.  He was amazing he instantly said go speak to adam the bike mechanic and tell him I said to do a swap.

they didn't have a swalbe but they did have one that looked as tough so I accepted that and left Adam to it whilst I dived out to get a sandwich from the Aldi's next door  (When your on a tour Aldi's and Lidl are your best buddies).

I returned to find that Adam had been upstairs and found a matched tyre which he had replaced along with a new innertube.  He had checked my gears over (they were fine) and he noticed that the mudguard stay was a little close to the gears so he put two extra washers on to pack it out.

All I can say is what amazing care and support from Halfords, I didn't even have to get whiney they just did the right thing!

Fosdyke All Saints

Origins of the lamp below

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Aparently an unwelcome weed but I enjoyed them!

The side of the road was lined with these flowers, anyone
Know what they are?

A little cycleway along a river very

The Parish Church of St James Frieston

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A beautiful interior

cool and welcoming
if your tired and hot churches make amazing

A dandelion and Burdock at Mrs Welsby's pantry
 I stopped here simply because it looked so nice, I found some traditional dandelion and burdock which went down nicely :-)  Mrs Welsby herself served me, she was an estate agent in a previous incarnation and had set on this venture, she had only just finished the shop and was busy getting ready a tea shop!

Mrs Welsby's Pantry can be found at:
Croft Bank, Croft, Lincolnshire, PE24 4RL
TEL: 07596433103

Welcome to Skegness

 I am starting to feel like I am making headway now - I could smell the sea!
Derbyshire Miners Convalescent Home

That's all the pics I took today.

When I reached Skegness I toook a detour and pretty much travelled the promenades and followed the sea at every opportunity.  I eventually reached Sutton on Sea promenade and I dipped out for a quick shandy/coffee and a commando raid on the pubs electricity.

I am tired but a good tired, I will finish my coffee and then go and camp on the beach, I will put some pics of that tomorrow.


  1. Good luck with your adventure Ren, weather is being kind to you so far. Stay safe! :-)

  2. I think the pretty flowers are bindweed - you wouldn't think them so pretty if they were choking the plants in your garden! I'm being very picky but I'm sure you wouldn't want to offend the good people of King's Lynn, as you will be returning there at the end of your journey - it has an apostrophe and no e on the end. Where is Mrs Welsby's Pantry? By the end of your journey you'll be able to do a guide to the cafes of the British coast.

    1. I am sure they would upset some people but everything is their for a reason and I liked them. Apologies for the typo it is corrected, Mrs Wellsbys pantry address is in there as well!

  3. Hi, I just came across your blog while researching the Fairdale Weekender frame. I was wondering what width tyre and mudguards you were running on yours, and what you thought the widest possible might be?



  4. Hi,

    I came across your blog while researching the Fairdale Weekender frame. I was wondering what width tyres and mudguards you were using? And what you thought might be the maximum?



  5. Hi,

    I will do a blog post this evening showing current tyres however, I have been up to 42c I will also put some photographs of my mudguards which are great as opposed to the steel/chrome ones.