Monday, 6 July 2015

Day 3 & 4 - 5th and 6th of July Brough - Hull - Spurn Head - Flambrough Head - Scarborough


START: 7:00
FINISH: 8:00 pm
DATE: 5th July and 6th July

I stayed in Brough last night with Shirley and John Littlefriar, both keen cyclists solo and on a tandem.   Brough was a little way out of my original course but I was looking forward to visiting.  I found the way to their road but missed the house and then doubled back to find John waving me down.
John Littlefriar and I
Shirley and John were fantastic company we shared stories of cycling and they cooked a beautiful vegetarian pasta with strawberries to follow.  There house was wonderful and my room massive.
I woke up early to cook breakfast after Shirley had set everything ready and I bid them farewell for an early start.
John Littlefriar and poppy a dog they were sitting for

The riverside walk a lovely to the Humber Bridge from Brough

The Humber in site

A view from under the Humber Bridge

I found a carboot!
I found a carboot and couldn't resist.  I bought a pastie and a huge cake from a polish couple, the pasty stated "meat pasty"  I asked him what meat was in it and he replied "meat"  Wonderful!

Almost every village here seems to have
a scarecrow competition!

Spurn Head

I am sitting here listening to a classical concert in the Spa Complex.   I feel transported back in time the orchestra are playing land of the mountain and flood by Hamish Macgunn.  I am heading off to scotland and this music will travel with me.

The orchestra is a 10 piece arrangement and I am amazed at their versatility, if i close my eyes my ears teĺl me there are far more.  The audience is mainly retirees which is a shame because i feel a much younger audience would be spellbound.  

The pace has picked up and they are playing the nutcracker suite and i am instantly transported into a world of wooden soldiers and toys.

One of the guest musicians lisa featherston is playing a jazz inspired take on my funny valentine by rogers and hammerstein and i am once more transported finding myself in a seedy speakeasy heavy with smoke and cool characters with black hats and dark eyes accompanied by fast women and tragic poets.

I am leaving halfway through the show as I have to be up early tomorrow and in dire need of rest.

The Scarbrough Orchestra

Announcing Captain Sydney Smith Bridge!  To get
to the lighthouse.

The lighthouse approach

The lighthouse


Lots of fishing boats still in scarborough

The Esplanade - I won't ever go back

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  1. great pics, was that a car boot i saw you just can't help yourself.xx