Thursday, 16 July 2015

Day 12 - 14th July - Aberdeen to Aberdour Beach - Amazing

Sorry only very brief description today pulling long days and finding the time to blog difficult, I have made lots of notes so will update when time.

I left my hosts Bernard and Isobel, a wonderful french couple who had made me so welcome! Bernard is a physist working in the oil industry.  They fed me french style with very delicate food and cheese to finish!  Then saw me off with a breakfast, Bernard helped me do some quick maintainance on my bike and introduced me to the wonders of belt driven bikes with internal geared hubs like the rholoff, I am beginnning to be won over!

Went through fraserburgh
Ended up in aberdour beach.
Met great family
His dad was a gangster (lots to write about here) lady in van cycling etc...
Saw seals

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