Friday, 10 July 2015

Day 7 - July the 9th - A6 - A1068/Northfield to Holy Island - (pushed on to just outside Berwick upon Tweed)

MAP TITLE: A6 - A1068/Northfield to Holy Island - finshed further on in Berwick upon Tweed.

START:  Alnmouth
FINISH: Berwick Upon Tweed - A1
DATE: 9th
MILEAGE PLANNED          40.88

Breakfast at the Alnmouth Golf club was served at 8:00 am, unfortunately I was packed and ready to go for 7:00 am.   I decided to chance my arm and went down to the restraunt area where the young lady serving was more than happy to get me fed early!

I had a full english and several cups of coffee along with a wonderful chat with the young lady serving.  She has been working in local hotels etc.. since she was 14 and was getting ready to go to collge to study business and HR a good combination I agreed.

She was very bubbly and not at all grumpy at being up so early in the morning, so her disposition had an equally sunny result on mine and my mood was immediately lifted.  I had a good breakfast, I took a few photos on my way out and then headed out.

An Ex Team Captain

The wall of heroes previous team captains

The view from the breakfast room

Stunning views of the golf course running right up to the sea.

Leaving Alnmouth

RAF Boulmer - Radar or Echelon (mobile phones off!)

St Peter & St Pauls church, do they get along did they
have too decide who is in charge on what day?
one saint not enough?
That would be "AN ECUNEMICAL" question!

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Meeting the mad australian peter frampton
Solid tyres - You show me yours I'll show you mine

The dutch couple

The gatehouse
Two italians cycling home (one italian one spanish)


  1. Great pictures but i want the story behind them. Who,where, what and why; i can't be there but i sure am interested in the stories behind them it makes me feel as if i could be there. I know your probably too tired to put a write up but a little with each set of pics brings them alive. hugs from big sisxxx

  2. Yeah I agree, just put a bit of text with each one and maybe don't do such a big write up at the top.

    What was you frying, looks like a big steak ?


  3. I was only too happy to serve your breakfast at that time, hopefully you'll visit us again at the golf club ! I wish you all the best with your travels and ill keep checking back to see how your doing :) from Olivia (the young lady)