Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Kit Arrivals and a Win on Fleabay

Backpack Cover

Some More Kit Arrivals & A win on Fleabay:

I purchased a back pack cover from fleabay to fit over the tent sleeping bag etc.. (sleeping bag is in a waterproof bag as well)..  I figured it would be bright and it would add a layer of protection.  Well that arrived and I have also been looking for some front panniers, I have won a pair of 28L oxford front panniers for £16.00 so thats a bargain in my book + £4.00 p&p. 

The Oxford Panniers

The bag the cover came in very small
The biggest problem is my bike has front suspension (hybrid) and it's difficult to find front pannier mounts that are compatible with a suspension forks and disc brakes, I have found some (zefal raiders) when they arrive I will post some pictures and give a report on them.

Ohh and I forgot, I purchased someones guide, I will list it books etc..  nothing really new in it, some humourous parts (I read very quickly and front to back took me 20 min..  not a great deal of content).

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