Saturday, 14 September 2013

Navigation - Co-Pilot, Samsung Galaxy S4, Google Maps


I got my original route from the web in .gpx format and another blog, however I had to do a few things:

First off it was a LEJOG route (Lands End to John O'Groats), great start but it means the route was going the wrong way so I have had to reverse the routes, this was accomplished with this site:

Just load your route up and reverse it simple.   My advice do it step by step and make sure it's reversed, I had to check mine a few times.

Next step was editing the route for myself, I did this in google maps classic, but I had to convert all of the gpx files to .kml so i could import them to google, this was done with the following site:

When I had finished editing the route for myself (and it has been adjusted several times) I had to convert the .kml back to .gpx format using the same site as above.

With all of my .gpx files ready I needed to convert them to a format that my sat nav could read.  I am using co-pilot on a Samsung Galaxy S4.   Co-pilot uses the .trp format so again it was a quick search on the web for a converter:

Once all my routes were converted it was a simple matter of loading them into co pilot, thats fairly easy, just drop the files onto your co-pilot folder where the other .trp files are stored (not the demo ones) just a quick search in the co-pilot folder is all it took.

The routes you have uploaded will now be available in the my route section for you to load up.


The only issue I have had with this process is co-pilot will turn certain routes into 3 x the journey for no reason.  Looking at the trip in co pilot shows the route going along a road, suddenly it will leave the road, wander 10 miles out and come back to the next point a few hundred yards were it left???  Further investigation shows that it only does this when you select bicycle or walk as your transport.  If you select car etc.. it works fine...  Even if you select quickest route on the bike.

I have emailed co-pilot technical support and recieved no help from them...

Also if anyone knows of a decent offline map editor for co pilot on the android I would love to be able to edit the .trp format on my pc.

Oh and a last word on power, GPS on a phone eats battery, so I have purchased two external ones that provide power via usb.  They are both rated at 20,000 mAH so which will keep my Sat Nav going for a while :-)  This along with some abuse of the power points in any pub/cafe I come across will hopefully be all I need, I also recommend buying a usb charging plug, I got one of fleabay with 4 points on two fast charging points and two normal, so enough to charge the phone and powerbanks in one go and my ipod nano as well :-)

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