Sunday, 1 September 2013

Testing out my bike

My planning is well under way today i strapped on the tent and all the kit met up with Marc and took it out for a spin.  The bike is heavy with the kit, we did some respectable hills and i found my gear for the hills (2 on the front 3 on the back).

Marc took pity on me today and was very patient with my slow progress up the hills, he repeated several times i need to put more mileage in.  We have both done the solo trip under harsh conditions before and he gave me the friendly reminder about lonely and miserable if the weathers bad (cheers marc).

I had a brainwave earlier, I am going to buy one of those waterproof backpack covers for over the top of the tent etc.. while it's on the bike.  A layer of defence and being reflective a little bit of safety.

Some people may be thinking "TENT, SLEEPING BAG" crazy!!  well my plan is to wildcamp as often as possible, and avoid hotels/B&B so it's all going to be hauled by me.

I will be using this blog to chart my progress and keep family/friends informed.

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  1. Just remember a daily check in on here or I will be sending out 'Search and Rescue.......