Sunday, 8 September 2013

Hygiene & First Aid

Wash Kit

 Ok so two weeks on the road mean I am going to have to carry my wash kit with me:

DPM Roll Courtesy of my local Army and Navy Store TW Ryders

I am not so keen on the camouflage wash roll but he ho it's seems the best option and less bulky and comes with a detachable mirror.

I have so far added:

1 x toothbrush
1 x small toothpaste
1 x microfiber cloth (facetowell)
2 x disposable razor (more on this below)
1 x shaving foam
1 x solid deodorant
1 x aftershave and apres rasage (v.small)
1 x nail file and emery stick (look after your feet)
1 x soap bar (small)
1 x small shower gel
1 x Large microfiber travel towel (not shown)

Quick Tip on Smelling Less like a smelly Wooky:

After a while on the road and sweating it's likely my clothes are going to have a little perfume of their own, so my tip for this is:

Or whatever your preferred dryer sheet is (personally the pound shop ones are great).  Keep a couple with your clothes and they will prevent a build up of unwanted perfume.

You can also:

  1. Pack a few inside your tent (prevents a damp smell)
  2. Put some in your sleeping bag
  3.  Pack them in your trainers
Basically if it's likely to smell put some in.  I am going to be stopping off a lot of places and it would be good not to make people go green when i get close :-)

Beard or No Beard:

 Ok here's another choice, I  already have a beard but I was thinking of cutting the shaving for two weeks and letting a full beard grow; the only problem is that I tend to itch badly on a full beard if I cycle.. and then there's how I will look after two weeks what do you think.. Full beard or not??

Wish I had packed some clippers

First Aid:

I have trained in first aid and some survival first aid so I feel fairly confident in this area and I have learned from experience that having a basic first aid kit to hand is an essential.  I pretty much carry one on every trip and keep one in my car and my motorbike. Here's what I have decided to take with me for this trip, taking into account that i have a lot of other kit on the bike that can be adapted for emergency first aid use, microfibre towels, electrical tape etc..


  1. Scissors
  2. pins
  3. savlon
  4. bandage
  5. alcohol wipe
  6. compeed (blister plasters if you don't know what they are get some and read the cover)
  7. ice pack
  8. micro pore tape
  9. triangular bandage
  10. non adherent absorbent bandage
  11. plasters various sizes
  12. foil blanket
  13. ICE (in case of emergency) Medical information stored on a usb with my blood type medication and conditions as well as contact information etc..  very useful for a bicycle or a motorbike:
Link to utag website

I am also taking some pain medication and some of my own normal medication I make no recommendations on these other than you should make sure if you are on any medication that you don't forget to pack it and have it easily available.

I am traveling solo (hate the word alone) and I know how quickly hypothermia can get to you and how easily you can become confused so the foil blanket is a real life saver, especially if you come across someone else who needs help.

final word, your first aid kit should be easy to get to and easy to open, thats why i prefer a pouch if your cold tired and fingers are numb you don't want to be struggling to open a box or tin etc..  My kit is going into handlebar bag and that will pretty much never leave my sight.

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