Sunday, 1 September 2013

Martin's Boomerang Challenge

I met up with Martin today, he is a boomerang enthusiast and is deep into designing and making them.  He is an amazing fellow really, how many people do you know build their own canoe in the garden by making a template out of paper from their friends canoe...  Martin recently gave me two of his amazing designs which being the inept boomerang thrower (I am sure Martin knows the correct term for someone who throws)...  well you guessed it I lost them both...

So on a visit with him this weekend to break the news about my latest ill thought adventure the JOGLE the conversation naturally alighted on boomerangs at some point and the idea came up that I would at various points of the journey throw a boomerang so I have been furnished with another one of his creations (something else to haul sigh).. 

P.S. I should also mention that his genes seem to have been passed on to his son who was busy painting and repairing his collection of model planes, great fun to see a young kid doing something other than staring at a screen :-)

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