Friday, 20 September 2013

Helmet or Not

Why I don't wear one:

 I have had a fair few comments from family/friends regarding the fact that I choose not to wear a cycling helmet.  So I thought I would briefly put my thoughts here:

I don't wear a cycling helmet because I find after about 20 minutes i start to get a headache, I get a feeling of dullness can't explain it more than that.  I have tried several helmets and all have the same effect. 

Additionally, as far as I am concerned the jury is still out on the benefits of cycling helmets I won't go into this but both the evidence and the studies around bicycle helmets seem to have only one consistent factor and that is they conflict with each other.

Life shouldn't be risk free, I often get the feeling that the world is turning risk averse, if you don't like risk don't ride a bike...  all  you bike riders and motorcyclists know exactly what I mean, you can be as safe a rider as you like, you can be a defensive a rider as you like (I have my advanced riding certificate)..  but you are still at risk.

Freedom of Choice:

First and foremost I am a human being and an individual, I recognise others right to be the same and I recognise their right for self determination and freedom of choice.  Now we all live in a society and should accept that we cannot just do anything we want, our actions should always be considerate of others.   The problem here is where do you draw the line, well I have my own "indicator" and that is, if your not harming or hurting anyone else or their property by your actions or being deliberately inconsiderate, both they, the government and anyone else should respect your freedom and self determination!!!

I may not approve of what someone is doing and I may look at them and say crazy %^%&  but I would never think I have the right to stop them or legislate their actions to become illegal.

Too often the I wouldn't do that becomes the I am going to ensure you can't either... that is just plain wrong.

My Advice:

Do what you feel comfortable with, consider what you want, and consider your family and friends as well, they are important.  Let's be honest, there's nothing out there as far as I am aware that says helmets make things worse, so if you don't mind wearing one the likelihood is it's going to protect you a little more than my bare noggin.  I actually wear a running cap when I cycle, helps keep the sweat off my eyes and hey if I do come off, it will help with not having some of my hair scratched off.

If you want a list of pro's and cons this is the best I found:

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