Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Strained Kneee & Winter Jacket

Strained Knee Running Round the River


Last week I went for a run around the river at lunchtime, next day the tendon at the side of my knee was sore and it gave me a nasty limp.  I can cycle just fine with no pain, but walking or impact on the leg makes the tendon painful.  I am having to take the worst medicine of all and stay off my bike and any other leg exercises until the tendon decides it's ready.

(update on the knee)  it's the 19th of September and a week to go, my knee is feeling almost normal, if I am not silly another 7 days rest should mean no complications :-)

It's really annoying, shouldn't interfere with my ride but I am not taking any chances so it's rest n recuperation time.  Still the views round the river are fantastic:

Aerial view of the river

It's a great run round the river, out to St Johns and back in along the river aprox 3.5 miles, you couldn't find a more scenic route.

New Jacket

I dug out my trusty winter cycling jacket softshell.  It has pretty much had it's day, the zip was broken and it had a tear.. I don't remember it being broken when I put it away.  Leaving later in the year means I am going to face some cold mornings especially in Scotland, but the upside and there is always an upside is that I will avoid the midges.

The last trip I took to Scotland apart from visiting Bill & Jazzy was a weeks camping on the shores of Loch Lomond,  I still bear the scars and was practically canibalised by the local midge population aparently I was quite a delicacy.

Perfectly Adapted for eating the English
All Joking aside these buggers in their BILLIONS can seriously ruin a trip, they did mine.  I can deal with the cold, I can't deal with being eaten alive!!

Coincidentally I work very near a TKmax, I popped in during my lunch and on the clearance rail was a dare2be softshell velociouss jacket marked down from £65.00 to £22.00 an excellent bargain.

  • Water repellent finish
  • Reflective detail for enhanced visibility
  • Stretch bound cuff
  • Windproof membrane
  • 2 x zipped lower pockets
  • Ilus D-Lab woven stretch polyester fabric
  • Adjustable shockcord hem and neck cinch
  • Weighs less than 500g, based on size L
  • Ventilated back panel
  • Lightweight
  • 35% lighter than our traditional D-LAB Softshell

This will be the final addition to my clothing for the trip, really looking forward to seeing how it performs in the cold scottish mornings.

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