Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Spare Tyres

Choices Choices...

The tyres on my bike are good, but i figure the distance of my ride means that they won't make the whole journey.  My thoughts are, put the new ones on and pack the old ones tight as spares... still undecided.

In the meantime I am trying to figure what would be the most suitable, I am inclined to go for an all rounder but a slick tyre is also appealing.  I do however know my uncanny ability to find a slippy spot or pot hole on otherwise perfect roads, it's like my bike is some sort of slippy bumpy divining rod...

Whilst on the subject, I have purchased some slime tyre liners and my innertubes and spares are slime filled.   I also picked up a small emergency repair inflater full of that tireweld stuff.  BY THE TIME I HAVE FINISHED YOU WILL BE ABLE TO USE MY WHEELS FOR DART PRACTICE AND I WILL LAUGH AS THORNS BOUNCE OFF THEM.

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