Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Training Ride & Repair to My Handlebar Bag:

I put in a 36 mile ride in just over 3hrs from Birmingham to Worcester this morning to get me to work (fully laden).  Good fun and made me feel way more confident as I felt i could have flown on for more.

Sat Nav test worked well however i am going to have to find some way of bracing the bag a little more as the brackets are slipping down and causing the viewing angle to be awkward.  Also cycling with my LED Lenser head torch is great and works really well.

The Avenir bag let me down a little :-(  started to slip the bracket doesn't grip very well (yes avenir i did fix it right and yes i used the right fixings but it has an 8 litre capacity and even half full the weight overcomes your brackets).

Well the fantastic team in the engineering department soon made up an attachment for my stem that securely fixes the brackets and takes all the loadbearing for them :-)  problem solved and a smile on my face to boot.
Dave and Bob

Supporting Bracket fitted to my stem

Dodgy bracket fitting from Avenir

Don't get me wrong the bag is great and the actual bracket is good, just doesn't really live up to the loads.  Still the boys in the engineering department lived up to it, I am sure if i had given them enough time the would have fitted one of those petrol engines from ebay.... maybe there's still time???

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