Monday, 23 September 2013

Travelling Home in our tiny island

I thought it would be worthwhile mentioning for any prospective Jogler that there is no direct train from Penzance to Plymouth L  between Plymouth and St Austell it’s a bus service, and they don’t allow bikes.

For my mind it’s either a Taxi, or a 38 mile cycle.  I have decided that a nice cycle would be just what I need to end a 1200 mile cycle so that’s what I am doing.  Im classing it as a graceful wind down , I am going to give myself plenty of time so I can take a relaxed cycle and then spend a few hours in Plymouth.

I did kind of chuckle to myself though, for such a small island (comparatively) and one with such a rich railway history, that there are still lines that don’t join to a mainline.

All good fun!

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